Apex Legends coming to mobile, Android and iOS

Apex Legends has been confirmed to be coming to mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS by EA.

EA and Respawn have had amazing success with their battle royale game Apex Legends. Even with all the cheaters, the game’s still a huge hit given that it had limited promotion before launch. In fact, I didn’t even know about the game until the day before.

Apex Legends is definitely a breakout title this year. Developed by Respawn Entertainment, who made Titanfall (original), and published by EA, the game has been a success on PC.

Now, they’re offering to expand their game outside of the PC realm and EA shared some details regarding the game being EA’s fastest growing game ever and having over 50M players peak. They’re looking to bring the game to new regions, such as China and Korea, who will instantly take over the playerbase if it has the same kind of scaling success as it did here in US.

They also plan to port the game t mobile versions. EA mentioned that the game has brought many new users to its own DRM platform, Origin. 30% of players are new to the company’s audience just because of this game- largely.

EA and Respawn are now looking to add onto the game’s content seasons, features, and even more “robust” offerings of battle pass content for Apex Legends. This will mean more guns, weapons, equips, heroes, and possibly maps. The game’s second season are expected to be revealed at E3 next month in June.

You can play Apex Legends on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 for free.

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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