Black Ops 4 update fixes armor durability and adds camos and variants for Blackout

The latest update to Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode lets you use camos and weapon variants. This is the PC 1.10 Title Update.

All you need to do is head on over to the game’s Armory menu to see the new goods.

Last week, Treyarch revealed that custom games would come to Blackout and they delivered right away. They also mentioned that camos and new weapon variants would be finally available in the battle royale Blackout mode after it was hinted back a while ago by David Vonderhaar.

The Black Ops 4 V1.10 update fixes armor durability and repair tuning with the added camo/variant support.

Just a day after the major content update on Tuesday, players can now use the weapon variations and camos in Blackout after a new patch that was released on all consoles. The patch rolled out on Wednesday and is now live for all platforms.

Simply go into your Armory and turn on whatever camos or Mastercraft you want to use in Blackout. Once you find the weapon in the game, you’ll see that the paint has been changed to whatever you chose.

Other than the variations, Wednesday’s update includes several other fixes and adjustments for Blackout, such as nerfs to both level 2 and 3 armor (we needed those nerfs). They’ll be a lot less durable and repairs will be required, but I think it’s necessary to balance out the game.

Treyarch also released a fully-unlocked Reactive Camos which are available for any guy that’s been unlocked Gold Camo for in Multiplayer. This was a special “thank you” to all players. Pretty awesome.

You can check out the full patch notes for V1.10 on Reddit.

You can also see the trailer for the new content on CoD’s Twitter account:


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