Diablo Immortal is a mobile game – And fans are not pleased

At BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard announced another branch of their Diablo projects they’re working on called Diablo Immortal. And guess what? It’s a phone game.

Fans were obviously not pleased as most mobile games are just full of microtransactions and don’t offer close to the immersive experience you can only get on a PC monitor or TV. The announcement trailer for the Diablo phone game garnered about 1.4M views, but has close to 295K dislikes at the time of this writing. That’s a lot.

The Diablo subreddit has also shown their disdain for the game as a “slap in the face” as they were hoping for something else- like a PC or console game. Fans are unhappy. And that’s a fact. Even with the bare minority that may appreciate this, the majority are rather frustrated and didn’t expect a phone game.

Allen Adham, Executive Producer, and Blizzard Co-Founder, along with Dan Eggren, the Production Director, came out in an interview with Polygon and talked about the project some more. With all this hate towards Diablo Immortal, they had to step out and clarify the situation. You know it’s important when someone high up the ladder has to come out with clarification.

Adham says during the interview:

“We have said that we have multiple Diablo teams working on multiple Diablo projects and that remains true, even after releasing [Diablo 3 for Nintendo] Switch and announcing Diablo: Immortal,” Adham said. “We still have multiple Diablo teams working on multiple unannounced Diablo projects. Diablo is a tentpole franchise for us. And it always will be. We love it. We hope our fans understand what we’re saying when we say that.”

So this should quell some fears fans have. Just some. But not by much.

He’s basically stating that there are multiple Diablo projects in the works and a phone game is just one of them. He wants to capture the younger generation globally who use a phone to play their games and deliver the Diablo experience:

“The world is evolving both geographically and demographically,” he said. “Younger folks now, many of them, mobile is their primary gaming device. And then around the world in many regions, it’s their primary gaming device, and so it’s always been our aspiration [to bring games to them].”

The community wanted something to follow up to 2012’s Diablo 3. That’d be ideal. Adham believed that once fans finally get the mobile experience, they may change their mind about the whole scenario:

“We definitely feel that playing is believing, and we definitely value our fans. We feel that they’re passionate about the franchise … and they put their heart into it just as we put our heart into it. And we hope that as they get opportunities to see people play, see more of the gameplay, they’ll see that passion that’s in this game… What we see is anybody who actually holds it and plays it feels great about it.”

Blizzard has been telling fans to just try the game, but fans seem reluctant to even do just that. However, we’ll see what other projects Blizzard appears to have up their sleeve regarding one of the world’s most popular action RPGs. And we’ll see how fans react to Diablo Immortal soon enough. Sit tight for updates from Blizzard.