Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield won’t be discussed at E3

Bethesda’s company Director Todd Howard said during the anniversary livestream for their E3 2019 panel.

The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield both won’t be making an appearance at the coming showcase this year for Betheda’s press coeference. As many palyers will be upset by this, Todd Howard still went ahead and pressed this statemtn during their anniversay stream.

At this point, fans have been despeate for some news regarding either game. personally, I’m looking forward to hearving about ES6, and it’s a letdown that we won’t be able to hear anything during this year’s E3. This means two things:

The game is in development, as they confirmed during last year’s E3. And the game is still very early in development and has no news to reveal yet.

So if you’re holding your breath for some Elder Scrolls 6 news, don’t hold it. There’s still a lot more time until we hear some news about that game- or Starfield.

However, at least we know that both of these games won’t be discussed during this year’s panel. BUt that means we’ll be abel to hear about DOOM Eternal and Wolfenstein, which softens the wound a bit.

Bethesda’s panel will begin June 9. #BE3.

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