Nintendo releasing a special limited-time $35 eShop card/Switch bundle 1

Nintendo releasing a special limited-time $35 eShop card/Switch bundle

Want a Nintendo Switch?

You can now grab one with a free $35 eShop card download. With the Switch being one of the best-selling consoles right now and easily beating out the competition over the holidays, right now is the perfect opportunity to snag up this deal and get the game you actually want with this deal.

There are plenty more games coming this year, with one being made by Nintendo and will focus on their newly released subscription service. There aren’t really any go-to games when you think of Nintendo Online, so they’re going to make one.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was also just released, which made the top sales spot on Amazon for video games entirely.

Nintendo will have this deal for a limited time and arrives February 15, 2019.

The new bundle doesn’t come with a game, but you can choose what you want to buy with the game card, so it’s kind of reasonable. You can buy anything on the eStore- from classics to newer titles like SSBU.

Nintendo will also be releasing a smaller, cheaper, version of the Switch later. But details have yet to surface yet, so if you don’t want to wait, now’s a good time as ever. We don’t know when this thing will actually roll out at this point, so it’s best to sit tight if you’re really waiting for the Switch “S.” Not that it’ll actually be called that.

For everyone else that’s on the fence, this deal is perfect for those who don’t like the current bundled games, as this gets you a chance to get what you want at a discount.

Sure, you don’t get $60 worth of credits, but you get the freedom to pick up what you want at a discount, or perhaps free. You can buy one game or a ton of smaller indie games. The choice is completely determined by you.

You can see their tweet here confirming this deal: