Over 4M levels created on Super Mario Maker 2 1

Over 4M levels created on Super Mario Maker 2

Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Maker 2 now has over 4M course to play through and over 2M copies to date.

Nintendo also said they’ve sold over 36M Switch units globally, which is pretty amazing.

Super Mario Maker 2 is the best-selling game in June based on NPD. So 4M custom course shouldn’t really be a surprise.

Nintendo has also stated that they’ll be bumping the upload limit to a whopping 64 courses, which is double than the previous limit of 32. And they plan to bump the limit even more later on.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo’s custom levels have made headlines.

Just a bit ago, a custom level called “Storm Area 51” was created and shortly removed afterwards because it was inappropriate for audiences.

Seems like they don’t want anything to do with the whole thing.

Super Mario Maker 2 is a Nintendo exclusive for the Switch. The new Switch Lite will make this game easy to play anywhere you are.