Slender: The Arrival scares its way to the Switch tomorrow (updated)

Slender: The Arrival comes out tomorrow on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

For those who’ve never really got a taste of this classic horror game, you’ll be able to get your piece of the horrifying survival tale from Blue Isle Studios. Originally a PC game, Slender has gone through many changes and variations with multiple titles released.

The game was so popular before FNAF that parodies, spinoffs, and fan creations were spawned.

Now, it seems like FNAF has taken the crown, as it’s still going strong with its latest release, FNAF: Help Wanted. Slender has definitely fallen off the popularity charts over time:

Slender: The Arrival scares its way to the Switch tomorrow (updated) 2
Keyword “slender” on Google Trends.

Even though Slender games aren’t nearly as popular, there are still many fans playing this game and recording their adventures online. Slender: The Arrival has players controlling Lauren looking for her friend Kate.

The game is a sequel to the original game, but has a storyline with various locations like a mine and park.

Just like the original game, players will be avoiding the Slenderman as he stalks you throughout your journey. You’ll need to run from him just like The Eight Pages to avoid him, as you can’t kill him nor defend yourself.

You’ll have a flashlight, game difficulty adjustments, and even an additional difficulty setting.

Slender: The Arrival comes out tomorrow on the Switch for just $9.99. The game is also available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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