Mario Maker 2? No amiibo support.

Super Mario Maker 2 may not have amiibo support

Nintendo has been speculated to not include amiibo support with Super Mario Maker 2.

Although this isn’t confirmed yet, there are high rumors that Super Mario Maker 2 won’t have any amiibo support. A user on Reddit posted on the Mario Maker subreddit a link to a source that compared first-party Switch game posters.

These posters included SSBU, Yoshi’s Crafted World, and Captain Toad: Retuare Tracker. All the posters of the games had amiibo logos, but Super Mario Maker 2 had none.

This could be because the game isn’t out yet, and there’s still time to revise the poster. But at the same time, we’re pretty close to the launch date for Mario Maker 2, and there indeed may be absolutely no amiibo support for the game- at least upon launch?

The original Super Mario Maker allows you to use specific amiibos such as Link or Marth to transform Mario into the specific character. Mario could transform by grabbing a mystery mushroom as players made their ways through the rounds.

The 30th anniversary Mario amiibo would grant a huge Big Mushroom power up for Mario to make him exactly that- huge. But this time around, we may not see this level of support.

While we don’t know for sure whether these details are true or not, we’ll find out soon enough. Super Mario Maker release on the Switch on 6/28, and E3 is right around the corner.

A lot of new features will be included in the sequel and there may even be multiplayer. The official site says “TBD” under the player count. If they don’t have these details out yet, then why should we expect no amiibo support? They may pull a fast one on us. Who knows?

Super Mario Maker 2 rolls out on the Switch on 6/28. You can pick up a copy for yourself on Amazon.

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