Nintendo adds 3 more classic NES games to Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo adds 3 more classic NES games to Nintendo Switch Online 1

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will be getting a new trio of titles to the library this December.

The three new games for December 2018 are Ninja Gaiden, Adventures of Lolo, and Wario’s Woods.

Nintendo Switch Online debuted this past September and is the official and only way to play the Switch online. Playing online for Nintendo has been a free service, but Nintendo has “switched” to the paid method of offering online gameplay.

This should improve the overall service as now members are paying for an online experience (remember SSB Brawl online?) Other than being able to play against others (and with them), players will get a library of classic titles added to the service each month similar to Games with Gold for Xbox One and PlayStation’s offerings.

Nintendo has announced that the three new NES games will be available on the Switch starting December 12, 2018. The three games are pretty awesome and allow some veterans to relive some of the frustrations growing up with these games (Ninja Gaiden in particular).

Additional games will be added in January 2019 as an ongoing basis. We’ve seen Nintendo add games in packs of 3, so it’s likely going to be another trio. Nintendo has also confirmed that the NES Joy-Con controllers will be shipped starting next week for those who bought them. These are special retro controllers made just for playing the NES titles in 1:1 fashion.

The service costs $3.99 a month, $7.99 for 3 months, or $19.99 a year. There are also additional plans for multiple people. Some pretty good games have already been made available on the paid plan, namely Donkey Kong and the original Super Mario Bros.

You can get more details about the program here.

Solomon’s Key, Super Dodge Ball, Tournament Golf coming to Switch Online

Solomon's Key, Super Dodge Ball, Tournament Golf coming to Switch Online 2

Nintendo Switch Online launched last month and we’re just a few weeks into the new service by Nintendo. The service allows players to save cloud games, play NES classic games, and play online- of course. A trio of new NES titles will be added to the online library on October 10th:

  • NES Open Tournament Golf
  • Solomon’s Key
  • Super Dodge Ball

Each game will have online multiplayer so players can compete against each other in these retro classics that were previously only local multiplayer capable.

NES Open Tournament Golf was released for the NES back in 1991 and a Famicom Disk System version was released in 1987 in Japan. This game was the predecessor for Mario Golf and allows you to play as Mario and Luigi across three courses with Donkey Kong as the accountant and Princess Peach and Daisy as golf caddies. Pretty cool, huh?

Solomon’s Key is a puzzler that came out in 1987 by Tecmo for the NES. Since then, it’s been available on every Virtual Console and the PS4 as an Arcade Archives game.

Super Dodge Ball is exactly what it sounds like. The game is a sports title released back in 1989 by Technos Japan Group for the NES. The game is based on the arcade cabinet of the same name and features a special “bean ball” mode where six players duke it out until only one remain. The game features the full roster of ten teams each with individually-named players respective to each team. This was a lesser-known title, but still was a blast to play.

Nintendo Switch Online can be paid for different lengths, but the yearly subscription is the best deal at $19.99. Buying the service allows players to purchase special NES Joy-Con controllers that work with the NES titles. They’re replicas of the classic NES controllers for some real retro gaming. You can get more details about Nintendo Switch Online here.

NES Classic controllers coming out exclusively for Switch Online subscribers

NES Classic controllers coming out exclusively for Switch Online subscribers 3

Nintendo is coming out with a classics NES controller as part of the Nintendo Switch online service. The controllers are modeled after the original NES controllers and can be attached to the Switch. They have the same control scheme as the original controller and plug in to recharge just like the Joy-Cons.

With these controllers, you can “play the classics they’re meant to be played!”

This special controller is likely for the huge library of NES games that’ll be available for players as the online service will release a ton of classic games.

Each controller can be used separately for the co-op NES games. Shipments will begin in mid-December 2018 and will run you $59.99 USD for a pair. To order them, you’ll have to be on the lookout as they’ll be available for order as a special offer for online subscribers at a later date that’s yet to be announced.

Their sales page currently says “New offers will be added, so be sure to check back regularly” and that they’re “Exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online members.”

If you’re a fan of the NES classics, you’ll want to look into these controllers.

Image: Nintendo.