Treyarch releases (another) update for Black Ops 4: Hitching, Blackout draws fixed

Treyarch has announced yet another new update for BO4 today, November 1st.

With so many updates in a row, it’s like they’ve been working nonstop around the clock since the game was released just about 3 weeks ago on the 12th of October. The last major patch was on October 30 (V1.04), which was the largest update so far in its short history. There was also a minor update on Halloween that updated game settings for PC and enabled players to buy stuff with CoD Points on the Black Market.

Today, another update was released that focused on major issues that players have been facing. The full patch notes weren’t releasd this time around, but Treyarch posted a new tweet that annouced some major changes coming with today’s update. This is Treyarch’s third update for the game.

Xbox One players have been saying that Blackout was unplayable due to hitching issues. This update addresses those problems and allows them to play the game a little smoother so they can be the last man standing in Call of Duty’s version of battle royale.

Also, the bug that caused Blackout games to end in draws was fixed in this update- though this isn’t exclusive to Xbox One players. All versions had this bug and it’s now been corrected.

The full patch notes for the November 1 update will be posted when we get confirmation.

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