Minecraft Earth: Explore Minecraft at “life size” in real life

Minecraft Earth is a new game coming out to mobile phones made by Microsoft.

The game features augmented reality (AR) and was revealed over the past couple of weeks. They officially announced it yesterday during the Minecraft decade celebration, alongside their sales numbers of over 176M copies.

Minecraft Earth is the next entry into the series, which has had many spinoffs to this point- all stemming from the original Minecraft Alpha, which is now free to play.

Minecraft Earth will let you walk around your neighborhood and explore to find blocks and mobs for your builds. You can build on any flat surface to build your Minecraft world. On earth.

This could mean you can literally walk around your neighborhood and build a Minecraft world in real life. And possible explore others’ creations also. The next thing we need is to play Minecraft in real life. And Minecraft Earth makes that possible.

You can team up with other players and build on Build Plates, them place them in real life to explore Minecraft creations at life-size. You basically will be Steve in real life.

Crafting will also be part of Minecraft Earth, and so will growing crops, exploring, and mining. You’re basically playing Minecraft VR, but on your phone. So it’s AR.

You can also fight mobs, and breed them.

Minecraft Earth will be available for free soon. For hardcore fans, you can sign up for the beta here.

Andy Wang

Andy Wang

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