New camo released for MOG-12 in Black Ops 4 1

New camo released for MOG-12 in Black Ops 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 just can’t stop making headlines with developer Treyarch constantly putting out content after content and trailer after trailer.

This time, Treyarch is showing off a new in-game camo for the MOG-12, the game’s only pump-action shotgun in a new video on their Twitter account.

The trailer features a detailed look at the D-Day Reactive camo for the shotgun. The camo changes colors every few kills and the themes include a foggy battlefield, a tank rummaging through a forest, and a few bombers from above. The gun is definitely WWII-themed and looks awesome.

The camo for the MOG-12 is available in Blackjack’s Shop, the in-game store on the Black Market.

Black Ops 4 has also released a tweet about the Zombies disappearing from the game’s Blackout mode during a new content update, to which Treyarch hints at some Zombie-themed Christmas event happening soon. The first major DLC, Operation Absolute Zero was already released recently, and a lot of content updates free for all players and some for Black Ops Pass owners has also hit the scenes.

Overall, December has been the month of CoD. You can get a copy of BO4 on Amazon for PC, Xbox One, or PS4.


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