Limited edition Purple Fortnite Xbox One S coming soon, skins, V-Bucks, and pricing

And yet another Xbox One console is to be released.

After already having so many copies of pretty much the same hardware, Microsoft is at it once again and releasing a new Purple Fortnite Limited Edition Xbox One S.

Their latest Xbox was the diskless Xbox One S, which literally just rolled out.

Now, we’re getting the Fortnite version. How many more do we honestly need until we see the next Xbox? Seriously.

The most popular battle royale game in the world is getting its own console. The console is Fortnite colors, and comes bundled with a new skin, some V-Bucks, and some other goodies. WinFuture has reported that this will be officially announced sometime in the future.

The skin will be a new Dark Vertex skin and players will get 2K V-Bucks and a month of Xbox Gold, EA Access, and Xbox Game Pass. The device will have a purple tone with a special controller, and is speculated to hold 1TB of storage and priced at $300.

We expect Microsoft to officially announce the new limited edition console in the coming weeks. E3 would be a good time to break the new console out. With Sony out, Microsoft can steal some of the audience who would typically show up just for Sony’s panel. This time, they can show off their new console, games, and new streaming system that they actually teamed up with Sony on.

We’ll have to see what Microsoft has up their sleeve this time around.

David Wong

David Wong

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