Treyarch releases Valkyrie Paladin weapon variant and Valhalla outfit

Treyarch releases Valkyrie Paladin weapon variant and Valhalla outfit 1

Treyarch released a new trailer showing off the Valkyrie Paladin and the Valhalla outfit for Ruin in Black Ops 4. They’ve been on a roll this week with free content updates for all players and the Operation: Absolute Zero update that went live on Tuesday. They also added a new special to the game that … Read more

Surviving Mars Da Vinci update live on PC; What’s new?

Surviving Mars Da Vinci update live on PC; What's new? 2

Surviving Mars released a new update this week according to a news post on their Steam Community page.

Surviving Mars is exactly what it sounds like. You need to establish a colony on the planet with just a cargo rocket and some drones and basic resources to start with and you need to expand your colony, build shelter, and explore the planet. The game doesn’t just put you alone on the planet though, you can breed humans to help perform tasks on your base in the harsh environment. You can actually expand beyond a thousand humans if you play well enough.

The game’s newest content patch is called the Da Vinci update. It allows a bunch of new features and balance adjustments to take place in the game. The main feature is Creative Mode, which allows players to basically have a large amount of capital and disable all the nasty diameters in the game in order to build creatively. It’s like RollerCoaster Tycoon on Mars with unlimited cash. It’s basically your typical freedom custom mode. Of course, achievements will be disabled if you’re playing in Creative.

Resource management has also been revamped to make it easier to harvest and utilize materials. Players can set a minimum desired amount of resources on a per-depot basis which allows adequate stockpiles of materiasl in various sections of your colony. The UI has also been improved and simplified. And power producers/consumers will now automatically connect to nearby buildings rather than requiring a tile power cable to be built.

Balance has also been addressed with some tweaks like building power consumption increases or maintenance parts changed. The Electronics Factory now uses machine parts for maintenance. Genius colonists will now grant research if you keep their Sanity high enough and Celebrity colonists will provide funding if their Comfort levels are kept well.

There’s also a Tourist trait for colonists now. Colonists will generate $10M upon arrival and stay for a few days, then leave. When they go back, they’ll bring back two new Tourist applicants. This is pretty cool because players can now establish a vacation destination on Mars and also get some additional income from it!

The Da Vinci update is already live on PC and console launches coming shortly. Another update called the Sagan Update will come next month in September with plenty of challenges along with it.

The Long Dark getting new content; Episodes 1 and 2 getting reworked

The Long Dark getting new content; Episodes 1 and 2 getting reworked 3

The Long Dark is getting a new episode for its story mode later this year in December. Unlike the previous two episodes, Episdcoe Three doesn’t have any working title at the moment, however, players can expect a confirmed title in the coming months.

Hinterland Games, the developer, announced a release window on the Steam’s Community page. Players will also receive “Redux” editions of the first two episodes which have been adjusted and improved by Hinterland based on community feedback.

In the tertiary episode of Wintermute, players will play as Dr. Astrid Greenwood who’s on a quest to discover the secrets behind “First Flare,” which was the event which triggered the “Long Dark.” Players will interact with new characters and explore a huge new region. Details about the game are still relatively unknown, however, Hinterland has promised more info to be released as we near December.

The Redux work on the previous episodes started almost a year ago and was detailed in their developer diary. Updates to two chapters were made and include a restructuring of mission structure, newly playable inro for the first episode, new dialogue, and more. The work was done to “set up a stronger foundation” for the new content coming in December.

Also, to accommodate for the Redux work in Episodes One and Two, all progress saves for either of them will be deleted when the next episodes roll out. Hinterland suggests that you finish these episodes before it rolls out if you don’t want to lose all your progress so far. The latest update for The Long dark was the Vigilant Flame update which added a new region, cooking mechanic improvements, and more.

We’ll continue to release news about the newest update to the game as news comes out. Stay tuned.

Three new (free) content updates announced for Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is no longer a sailing sim anymore!

Sea of Thieves is finally getting a much-needed content update!

After being criticized for being a sailing simulator with nothing to do, Rare has decided to release a roadmap of what to expect in the next coming months. It’ll get a few updates, three of which are already announced to let people know that it hasn’t abandoned the project.

The first update will roll out in May which will be called The Hungering Deep and brings a new epic boss for players to take down. It’ll require multiple parties to discover and defeat the threat together. The spiles will be a plenty!

The next update is called Cursed Sails and will roll out in Summer 2018. This update brings a new type of ship to the game and also another epic boss. The expanded ships will allow you to change how it looks and functions as you scale the sea. It’s not just a single ship, it’s a whole ship type.

The last update is called Forsaken Shores and is probably the biggest one. it’ll add a whole new area to sail and new enemies to fight as well. There will be new rewards that are themed to that part of the world and a new gameplay mechanic. This is the big one.

There will also be three more updates coming later on, but none of the hems have details yet. Weekly events will be introduced to the game to teach players the new mechanics and events between updates. This will also help them explore existing locations via quest or fetch missions. Getting a chest from a boring local or getting an item from an NPC in the middle of nowhere both help facilitate players to new places they wouldn’t otherwise go before the updates were added to the game. It’s a way to get players playing.

All updates will be free as well, so Rare will be backed up in developement for thigns like pets and ship captains.

Sit tight for updates on the way, captain!