Surviving Mars set to release on March 15, 2018

Surviving Mars is set to release on Steam on 3/15.

Surviving Mars, the planetary colony builder developed by Haemimont Games is coming out on March 15, 2018.

If you’ve never heard about this game, it’s a pretty awesome concept. You’re in command of a new colony on Mars and your goal is to expand civilization. It’s a combination of not just humans, but some robotics as well. I’d assume the game takes place sometime in the near future as we’re building the space colony on Mars in real life eventually.

You start the game with a small group of explorers who need to establish basic necessities in order to propagate life on this newfound planet. It’s a game that’ll progress into some very futuristic and awesome tech. You’ll be able to build some giant domes, buildings, automatic structures, and pretty much everything else. It’s like a modern version of SimCity-excepti it takes places on Mars. And it’s in the future. So somethign like SimCity 3000.

the game is similar to other city builders, except that each colonist is an independent AI computer-ccontrolled unit. It has the abilty to affect other units as well. For example, if one uni goes crazy and rebeles, this may affect your expansion rate, research, and even your entire colony’s structure as well- espciaily if that unit aws important.

The game also has an element of surpise as well judiging from the game’s trailer. This adds some random element to the plot I assume.

Surviving Mars seems like a pretty awesome game so far. It’ll be avaialble on 3/15/18 with a price tag of $39.99 on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, and Xbox One as well. You can check it out on Steam. It’ll be publishedby Paradox Interactive.

Image via Steam page.

Fortnite resolution bug punishing players on PS4 and Xbox One

Fornite's new patch comes with a slew of issues.

With the new Fornite update brings new improvements- and some new bugs.

While the accompanying server downtime wasn’t as bad as last week’s update, this update brought some new bugs with it. It seems like many players of the console versions (PS4/Xbox One) are getting some resolutions problems that make the game unplayable.

Specifically, the game will render itself at a resolution way too “wide” in terms of aspect ratio. It’s like playing the game on an ultrawide screen when you’re using a normal widescreen. The edges of the game fall way outside of the viewable bounds of the screen.

Epic Games confirmed the issue shortly after the patch was uploaded and live. In a Reddit post, they made a statement:

“We are aware that some console players are having issues with resolution. Fixing this is a priority for us and we will let you know when we are ready to deploy a fix.”

There’s no statement about when exactly it’ll be fixed though other than the vague statement. The only problem is that some players get the issue while others don’t. This offers a huge advantage to those players, so it’s a totally unfair game.

After you’ve downloaded the update, you’ll immediately know if you’ve been affected by it. If everything’s normal, you’re good. if not, you’ll have to wait for the update.

Another issue that showed up with the patch is the addition of a quest that asks players to join in on a limited-time mode called Blitz. That’s good and all only if it were actually available for joining.

Epic has also commented on this issue and says it’s not available and that it’s “working to remove this from available quests.”

There’s also another bug where some chests come up empty with no loot, not being able to equip the first weapon you loot, and not being able to access the pause menu when you’re downed in Build mode. There are also some issues for Save the World mode as well that you can read about the other issues here.

On the plus side, this update adds the minigun and a few other updates like Expedition types for Save the World and the Cozy Campfire item. You can check out the new updates here.

Also, be sure to log in to get your freebies for the downtime that was last week’s patch. It’s Epic Games’ way of apologizing for the trigger-happy.

Image via Epic Games.