Chucklefish’s new game Eastward announced for PC and Mac

Chucklefish is working on a new RPG adventure game.

Chucklefish is working on a new game named Eastward.

They’re the people behind titles like Starbound and Stardew Valley. Eastward is another pixel art adventure game that has both RPG elements in a post-apocalyptic world. It’s has a 90s style feel developed by Pixpil, a small indie studio in Shanghai, China. Chuckelfish is making their own engine for the game.

it’s based on the artwork of Hong Moran with an eerie touch of wasteland. The company announced the game on its Twitter account and also released a trailer for it as well.

You’ll be playing as a “digger” in a world where the human population has been wiped out. You’re just a worker but you find a secret facility with a girl encaged within. You get exiled from your village and you want to save the girl and help her escape. But you’ll encounter possible dangers from mobs and other creatures lurking in the world.

The artwork for the game looks very appealing and it has that special touch that only Chucklefish can replicate. It makes you want to dive right in and just start playing the game and get absorbed into its colorful world.

No release date has been announced for Eastward. yet. It’ll be available on PC and Mac, but may creep its way onto consoles later on. Get more info on the official page for it.

Either way, this looks like an exciting new entry for their excellent lineup of games so far.

GOG Galaxy now has user profiles – friends, activity, and game tracking stats

GOG players now have user profiles, according to a news post on their site.

If you’ve never heard of GOG, they’re Good Old Games. That’s the name of their company and they focus on DRM-free gaming. All their games are downloadable and don’t require another third-party launcher (like Steam) to run. That’s their gig and what they do best.

Now, they rolled out user profiles for their desktop client. Yes, they have a client. It lets you launch their games you purchased but doesn’t make it a DRM platform. It now has privacy settings for user profiles and allows users to choose who can see their activity, friends list, and own games. Each profile is split into different parts just like Steam. You have your recent activity, updates from friends, recently played games with your friends and other activity. There’s also stats like time played, unlocked achievements, and of course, your personal friend’s list.

But you don’t need to use their client if you don’t want to. A lot of their games work without the platform itself and you can just download it and play it like the good ol’ days. Some gamers want a game that’s literally plug and play without the whole DRM setup.

Regardless, if you’re a fan of GOG Galaxy, you can appreciate the new features in their platform and the constant improvement they’re going through to make it better over time. It’s hard being a DRM-free platform once you introduce your own platform. They’re doing this carefully to stick to their mantra. Either way, it’s a good time to be a GOG fan.

Retro action platformer Fox N Forests releases on May 17th

Fox N Forests is an SNES-era inspired retro platformer.

Fox N Forests will be coming out to PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 on May 17, 2018.

It’s a retro action platformer made by Bonus Level Entertainment and published by EuroVideo. The game was originally funded in 2016 on Kickstarter where it successfully brought in enough capital to build the game. It’s inspired by classic games like Super Ghouls N Ghosts and other similar 16-bit platformers.

The game is described as being “inspired by the classic SNES era” by Bonus Level Entertainment. It takes gameplay elements from Zelda and Castlevania, amongst others. You play as a fox with a crossbow which allows him to switch between two seasons instantly. It also allows you to change the level based on the season you’re currently in which can alter the platform such as freezing water paths or jumping across leaves in winter or autumn. The game also has a nice soundtrack that’s rather catchy and has old-school artwork like you’d expect from the same era.

It’ll be their first project and it’ll be released under EuroVideo’s label Wild River.

They released a video that highlights one of the game’s levels called “Fungus Forest” which you can check out:

Source: TechRaptor.

Puzzle Fighter is shutting down – lots of freebies to grab

Puzzle Fighter will be shutting down.

Capcom Vancouver has announced that it’ll be shutting down Puzzle Fighter, it’s mobile puzzler fighting game.

It’s a reboot of the 90s puzzle game which came out in November 2017. Players could choose as classic characters from many different series like Mega Man, Darkstalkers, Dead Rising, Final Fight, Resident Evil, and Street Fighter. The game has only been available on mobile platforms so far.

In a post, Capcom explains that instead of Puzzle Fighter, it’ll be shifting its focus onto Dead Rising instead. They also gave a sincere thanks to fans of the semi-popular mobile fighting game by gifting them 10,000 gems (in-game currency). New characters such as Regina, Dr. Wily, and Ada Wong are free to play as and new levels such as the Lab, Darminor, and Uroboros are all free as well.

The soundtrack is also available on SoundCloud for people who like the OST. And the Classic Mode special event will now be constantly available at all times until the server shuts down.

In-game purchases have been suspended but existing purchases can be still used anytime to upgrade your characters.

The server will shut down on July 31st, 2018.

Source: Techraptor.

Darwin Project is going free to play

Darwin Project will be free to play soon.

Scavengers Studio’s Darwin Project has become free to play!

Darwin Project is a battle royale game that takes the battlegrounds up north. Players fight each under the control of a show director who has influence over the outcome of the game. The director can drop bombs, zone areas, and even screw up a single contestant (or all) at any time. The players need to adapt and use the environment in order to kill the others. Using tracks and searching for clues is unique to the genre.

The announcement was made on Steam by Creative Directory Simon Darveau. The game has been in paid Early Access until recently, so for those who paid for it, they’ll get some bonuses like the Founder’s Pack which contains MTL Legendary sets, 3 Legendary Axes, 3 Legendary Bows, and a full jumpsuit collection. You also get 5 Fan Gifts as well. They’ll all appear in your inventory automatically.

If you’re unhappy with the extra gifts you get, you can opt for a full refund no matter when you bought it. This is pretty nice of them, considering that you get bonus items that you decide whether or not are worthy of the price you paid.

Darwin Project will go free to play in hopes to compete with leading Battle Royale games. Charging for the game doesn’t seem to work when you have games like Fortnite dominating the free to play market. The game will also be free to play on Xbox One as well.

Photo: Steam.

Denuvo confirmed to be the cause of performance issues in Tekken 7

Tekken 7's performance issues tied to Denuvo.

Denuvo is behind the performance and lag issues plaguing Tekken 7.

In a Tweet by Katsuhiro Harada, producer and director of Tekken, he addressed and confirmed that some attacks in the game cause lag and performance issues. But this isn’t because of the system’s hardware. It’s because of a third-party anti-tamper issue that’s in the process of getting fixed and updated. Later he confirmed it was Denuvo.

Denuvo is a middleware program that was made to prevent piracy and tampering. It’s got a history with many different games and has a strange controversy behind it. Denuvo is quiet about their solutions and doesn’t always address the public about what they’re doing. It’s a debated topic of “who to blame” since Denuvo causes issues with the game, but without it, games would easily be cracked and pirated.

This isn’t the first time either. There have already been reports that the program causes issues with the game. FF15 was a good example where Durante said it caused longer loading times. Another indie game called Rime had issues as well where Denuvo was found to be the culprit. Lords of the Fallen was the first game that used it and there have been rumors that it postbacks to their servers occasionally and this cases performance issues prevents users from playing the game.

Now, it’s about time that a pretty important person has finally admitted that it’s likely their fault. Regardless, Tekken 7 will be patched and updated soon. You’ll be able to use Akuma’s Shakunesu Hadouken without lag.


BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle details confirmed- release date, price, and pre-order specials

The game will include some special pre-order specials and bonuses for fans.

Arc System Works revealed some info about their new title- BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Collector’s Edition.

It’s an anime fighter which will be available on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC via Steam on June 5, 2018. The game features a roster of characters all packed together into a single 2D fighting game from multiple universes like Persona 4 Ultimate Arena, BlazBlue, UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH EXE: LATE, and RWBY. The game’s 2v2 combat with tag-team combat is exactly what fans want and what Arc System Works delivers. GameStop will also have demo stations located throughout North America at select locations if you want to try it out before you buy.

The game will come with a basic Standard Edition and a collector’s edition. It seems like more and more games nowadays include a ton of free stuff in their expensive offerings beyond just games.

The Collector’s Edition will retail at $99.99 and launches on the same day as the Standard Edition. It can be pre-ordered here starting May 4, 2018. It’ll include the following items:

  • Base game
  • 52-page art book
  • 15 track OST
  • 4 acrylic figures featuring BlazBlue’s Ragna, Persona‘s Yu, Under Night In-Birth‘s Hyde, and RWBY‘s Ruby.
  • Special collector’s box
  • Steel game case

If you decide that you don’t want to shell out $100 but you still want some bonuses, you can do that with the Standard Edition. If you pre-order it, you can get some nice little grabs like a mini soundtrack that features seven tracks from the game.

You can check out the trailer of the game here.

Photo: Wikipedia.

Banner Saga 3 set to release July 24 (US) and July 27 (UK)

Banner Saga gets a release date.

Banner Saga 3 is set for release on July 24, 2018 for PC, Xbox, PC and Switch in the US. EU is on July 27, 2018.

Developer Stoic is also expecting the mobile version to launch later on in the year as well. Players will be able to play the final adventure in this story-driven narrative RPG. There will be character-building, storytelling, and tons of strategy just like fans of the series expect. This is the final game fo the trilogy which will finally reveal the hidden motives of the characters and the mysteries of the game.

Players will be able to take on the final journey beyond the Wall of Darkness with some special bonuses for pre-orders on PC. If you buy it early, you’ll get the base game plus the following bonuses items in game:

  • Dredge Stoneguard Character – Rank 10 Hero called Kivi
  • Unique Combat Ability: Tank
  • Unique Dredge Item – Sculptor’s Tools
  • Exclusive Dredge Heraldry
  • Unique Heroic Title: “Shield Cleaver’
  • Exclusive Banner Saga 3 Overture Track – by Grammy-nominated and two-time BAFTA-winning composer Austin Wintory

The PC version will be available on Steam and other distribution platforms. There’s a total of three versions (digital) on launch day. The Standard Edition will be $24.99. The Deluxe will be $29.99 (includes OST, wallpaper, world map, and “Gold Wasp” title. The Legendary Edition will be $39.99 and comes with everything in previous editions plus an exclusive legendary equip “Petrie Clan Ring” and a special title “Shadow Walker” and a digital novel “Gift of Hadrborg.”

For players who prefer to go physical, all three versions will be available in a complete bundle called The Banner Saga Trilogy: Bonus Edition for PS4 and Xbox One for $39.99. It includes Banner Saga 1, 2, 3, and a mini art book, limited OST, in-game items, and a poster. There will also be a PC Bonus Edition digitally as well.

Fans should get excited with all the goodies.

Photo: Banner Saga.

Daylight Studios’ Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story?! coming out Summer 2018

The next Holy Potatoes! game is coming soon.

Daylight Studios announced their next title- it’s a Holy Potatoes! game.

This time it’s Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story?!. As weird as that name sounds (and even weirder trying to type it), it’s a game that has players running a spy agency in an attempt to exposure another spy corporation. If you’ve never played games from this series, they’re basically top-down strategy games with colorful graphics and a basic storyline. This game is no exception. It’s colorful, pretty, and offers a very humorous undertone throughout the whole adventure. It’s the fourth game in the series following Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! which was the previous entry.

You play as a duo of spies named Ren and Rexa who want to expose an evil corporation’s workings. It features plenty of funny dialog and lots of resource management. You’ll be going through many different missions and using your special abilities like stealth and strength to defeat the enemy and fulfill your objective.

You’ll be able to assign, build, and train your own team of potatoes in order to plan and execute missions. The game is largely a simulator game where you manage many different variables at once, but there’s a storyline thrown in as well. You can build stuff like spy boogers, invisibility cloaks, and special spy glasses to help your team. You can even genetically modify them with gene splicing.

Producer Faizan Abid states:

“We were really excited to start the development of Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story?! We are all big fans of the 007 films and of course the spin-offs with Rowan Atkinson, Johnny English, so we have a lot of inspiration to draw from,”

The game is scheduled to be released on Steam in Summer 2018. The exact date is still unknown. You can check out the trailer for the game here.

Photo: Day-Light Studios.

Papa Johns and FFXV partner up for an awesome pizza deal

FFXV partners with Papa Johns for awesome pizza.

Papa Johns has teamed up with Final Fantasy XV.

That’s right. An American pizza chain has partnered with Square Enix’s flagship title and posted about it on Twitter. If you take a look at the linked ad, you’ll see Ignis saying “That’s It! I’ve come up with a new discount!” and there’s also a headline that says “Eat in it the game… then eat it in real life!” As crazy and whacky as this sounds, it’s pretty funny.

The promotion allows you get any pizza at regular menu price using the special code “PIZZAGG” at checkout. This is just a publicity stunt and will probably spread like crazy all over the ‘net. This will get them tons of exposure and publicity, just like what you’re reading now. It’ll work out in their favor. I can tell just by the craziness of this deal.

This partnership isn’t really anything beyond just slapping some FF characters on a Papa John’s ad. You can’t cook Papa John’s in FFXV nor can you go the other way around- however that works. Whether you approve of this or not, it’s working for the pizza chain by getting them tons of publicity. And that’s probably all they’re after.

Well done, Papa. Well done.

Image: revholics.

What’s new in Overwatch Retribution

Overwatch Retribution is now live and available for download!

The Overwatch Archives event is now live and the new PvE game mode Retribution is out!

Let’s take a look at what’s new in this patch.

The new mode puts characters McCree, Moira, Reaper, and Genji against Talon operatives in Venice, Itlay. Rialto is a district located in Venice. This new map was shown during the last broadcast on Wednesday of Overwatch League. The map would be used for Retribution PvE and also as an Escort map later on. Fans were expecting a new map anyway, so it’s no surprise. It’s available right now for play.

Last years Uprising event is also back and so has Blackwatch. These events have four different difficulty levels with a plethora of achievements to unlock by finishing them. They also allow players to go through a campaign-like mode and an alternative mode that allows them to play as any hero of their choosing.

Overwatch Archives also offers tons of new skins and cosmetics to drain your wallet like no other. Eight new Legendary Skins are available along with three highlight intros and six unique victor poses. Uprising content is also back at normal prices for a limited time. You’ll also get a free loot box when you first log in as well. There’s also a new “Avoid as teammate” feature to ban two players from your team when queuing for a period of seven days. This is useful to avoid certain people you just can’t work with. Players who get banned will get a message on their dash telling them that they’ve been singled out.

A few bug fixes have been implemented as usual, and game balance as well. Here are some notable changes in the patch:

  • Blizzard World has also been changed. Point B has been shifted back 10 meters to the opposite side of the archway to balance out spawn points.
  • D. Va’s Micro Missiles got nerfed from 6 to 4 points and impact damage from has also been reduced 15 points.
  • Mei’s Endothermic Blaster can now pierce enemies and also freeze them.
  • Reaper’s Ultimate will reload his guns after use and his Wraith Form has increased move speed by to 50% bonus and he can cancel Wraith Form at any time by firing or pressing Shift.
  • Moira’s Biotic Grasp, Fade, and Coalescence Ultimates have new transparency settings to reduce clutter.
  • Zenyatta’s RoF on his secondary attack has also been reduced slightly.

It’s all looking good for Overwatch fans, but some have reported that download speeds are slower. However, this is intentionally done according to a post by Developer Bill Warnecke as new files are installing after they’re downloaded. It’s a huge patch also, so hopefully you have some fast DL speeds.

While you’re waiting for your download, here’s a video you can check out about the Retribution event.


Metal Gear Survive’s “The Encounter 1964” includes some epic unlockable goodies

The new event includes some classic items from MGS: Snake Eater like the Croc Cap.

Metal Gear Survive is getting an all-new Metal Gear Solid 3 event starting next week starting on April 10th and running for two weeks straight. It’s a Snake Eater event.

Metal Gear Survive is a survival game themed in the MGS world. You build bases, gather resources, craft items, get loot, conquer objectives, etc. It’s not really an MGS game, but rather, MGS with a survival twist that’ set in a parallel universe that takes classic characters, event, items, and history from the series. Soldiers that were protecting Mother Base are sucked into a giant wormhole and end up in a different world with crazy weather and zombies.

Konami tweeted about it and confirmed the event.

The even is an MGS3-themed special that offers a new co-op experience and it’ll be called The Encounter 1964. That’s pretty much all the details about it other than the rewards, which include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Accessory: Crocodile Cap
  • Accessory: Fatigues – Naked Snake
  • Accessory: Jumpsuit – EVA
  • Accessory: Ocelot Unit Beret
  • Accessory: Ocelot Unit Beret with Balaclava
  • Avatar Face paint: Black
  • Avatar Face paint: Green
  • Avatar Face paint: Oyama
  • Avatar Face paint: Splitter
  • Avatar Face paint: Woodland
  • Cassette Tape: “Takin’ On The Shagohod”
  • Gesture: “You’re pretty good.”
  • Nameplate FOX
  • Nameplate PATRIOT
  • Nameplate Shagohod

Out of all these items, fans of the MGS series should be thrilled to snag some of these accessories. The Crocodile Cap and EVA Jumpsuit are both iconic items from MSS3, alongside the PATRIOT nameplate. The Naked Snake Fatigue is also classic Snake Eater. You can also get the theme music for Takin’ on the Shagohod as a cassette tape, which is actually pretty cool. Fans of the series should be all over it. All this comes from a blog post on Konami’s site.

The MS3 event will be a nice little kickback to the classic game, reminding players of where Metal Gear Survive came from. Players will earn Battle Points throughout the event which will let them snag some new items exclusive to the event.

Metal Gear Survive is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The PS4 version is $20. The Xbox One version is $25. And the Windows version is $40. They’re all different in price but the game is essentially the same. The Encounter 1964 looks pretty promising and will be free for all players when it comes out. That’s solid.

Photo: Flickr.

Google blocks crypto miner extensions from Chrome Web Store

Chrome is blocking crypto miners from the Chrome Web Store.

Google has finally decided to get rid of any Chrome extensions that are mining for crypto.

Before this removal, Google allowed Chrome Web Store extensions to mine for cryptocurrencies as long as they clearly stated that they did such a thing and did nothing else but mine. This was the strict rule. Guess how it went?

Only about 10% of extensions actually followed this guideline whereas the rest didn’t. They would mine surreptitiously without user consent, which often increased resource usage and drained batteries faster.

Now, Google has decided to just cut off any crypto miners on the platform. You can now no longer submit your extension if you’re a developer and any current ones will be removed in June 2018. Sorry to the 10% of you. It’s the 90% that did this. Google has done right in this manner with the majority clearly not playing by the rules. They’re doing it to protect the end user anyway.

Google has announced that they would begin blocking any third-party applications from injecting code into Chrome. Accessibility and input software will be fine, but everything else will be halted. This is to stop malware from stealing passwords, tracking users, and doing other nonsense that harms users. Chrome 66 will warn users about injected code. Chrome 68 will only allow code to run after a warning. And in 2019, Chrome will block code injection completely.

Photo: Pixabay.

World of Tanks’ new “Spoils of War” trilogy is completely free content (and it’s awesome)

WoT gets a new content update for consoles only.

World of Tanks is offering console players a whole new experience.

If you’ve never heard of the game, it’s a free-to-play tank simulator warfare game where you pilot over 660 tanks in huge 15v15 multiplayer matchups online.

WoT released a new gameplay experience focused on PvE called the “Spoils of War” War Stories trilogy which gives players a new set of missions that explore an alternate universe where WWII never ended. Players will get to test the perspective from German, Soviet, and American soldiers on the field.

The trilogy starts off with a chapter called Sieben Ritter where you play as Captain Staupe and you need to choose between duty or morals as you battle your own decisions to make the final stand in Berlin or forget your orders and do what’s right for the people in the small town on the German-Polish border.

The second chapter is called The Connoisseur where you play as an American Sergeant named Frank Martines and he has to destroy a stolen art crate. You’re competing with German soldiers as well because this crate contains some historical relics worth a lot of cash. You need to hunt it down and take it from the Germans who intend to “preserve” it for as long as possible.

The final part of the new trilogy is called Potemkin which takes place on the battlefields of Soviet-Germany. You play as Captain Anatoly Petrov and you suspect that a fellow commander has defied Soviet command by offering to sell food on eh blank market in order to prevent starvation. You play bout your morals or duties once again and it depicts the internal struggles of a captain.

Players of the console editions are in for a treat. Alongside the epic online battles, World of Tanks now has some nice campaign-focused missions in this new trilogy of PvE-focused gameplay. For those who like the WoT experience but want something more for solo play, this is it. It’s completely free and has already rolled out on April 3rd, 2018. It offers over 15 hours of gameplay. It’s available for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS4 platforms. What a nice treat, huh?

Image via WoT Forums.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker trailer reveals some neat features


Pathfinder: Kingmaker just got a new trailer and it looks freakin’ amazing.

It’s being developed by Owlcat Games and published by The first teaser trailer just rolled out and fills in some details about the anticipated tabletop RPG-based isometric game. We covered the announcement of this series earlier.

The trailer shows off some of the game’s lore, companions, and features. You can watch it here:


There’s a whole team of veterans in the RPG industry that have previously worked on huge AAA titles like Silent Storm, Heroes of Might and Magic V, Skyforge, Etherlods, Fallout 2, Planescape: Torment, and many other games. Chris Avellone is the narrative designer of the game and he’s a pretty important person in the field given his amazing work on the Fallout series.

The game will have a fully dynamic world complete with living, breathing environments such as a day/night cycle, weather patterns, and even season cycles. It’ll also have character customization and allow players to choose from seven core races and fourteen classes with up to three different archetypes. All this combination allows for many different playstyles and strategies and gives players the freedom to be what they want and fulfill their desired role.

There will also be eleven different companions available as well with unique stories and backgrounds. Players can influence the kingdom they live in and change how the people see you. It gives you a lot of freedom to fulfill and choose your own destiny, which is a pretty cool feature to have in a game based on a tabletop game.

Pathfinder has its roots as a tabletop game and is being transformed into an isometric computer game, so the transition needs to be smooth and monitored closely to keep the game’s original intent without too much of a drastic change. I’m pretty sure fans of the game will appreciate it. The dev team is working under Paizo’s supervision- the creators of the franchise and original owners. The game is based on Paizon’s Kingmaker adventure path for the original Pathfinder RPG. Players build a kingdom in the Stolen Lands and defend it against many different threats.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker will release in Summer 2018 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Paizo has also announced the second edition of Pathfinder tabletop which will release next year in August. Stick around for updates on this upcoming title.

An indie title that tackles bullying; The Path of Motus is coming Summer 2018

The Path of Motus is a game about bullying where words literally hurt.

The Path of Motus is a game that aims to depict the effect of hurtful words.

Before you dismiss it as some anti-bullying campaign, it’s actually a very well-done and unique little concept that’s pretty awesome. It’s designed by Michael Hicks and Goncalo Antunes- two indie developers who want to make a game that tackles the subject of bullying. Although it’s not the first game to showcase the trauma and ongoing effects of bullying in the world, it’s a unique way to represent it.

In the world of The Path of Motus, words literally hurt. The game has you playing as Motus, a kid who wants to build and escape out of a fantasy city inhabited by goblins by building bridges. Bullies are ever-present int he game and need to be dealt with accordingly. The city is full of bullies who aren’t too nice to one another, and it’s up to you to find out why the city is this way.

The bridges built in the game are done by solving a bunch of puzzles which range from simple to complex. Motus ages throughout the game and progresses from a small child to an adult. The game has many different characters to interact with that uncover the story behind the city.  There’s a whole cast of NPCs to help you uncover the story and dive deep into the background and lore of the situation.

Hicks mentioned in a post on the official site:

“Motus has big dreams of building bridges through the forest; using an art brush passed down to him from his dad, he can connect groups of nodes together to design bridges! He can also use his brush to solve “Thought Door” puzzles. Thought Doors appear throughout the game, and were designed as an emotional language to convey what Motus is thinking or feeling. While they look and behave like normal puzzles, the ideas behind how they’re solved is the key to how this works!”

The game seems to be a nice little indie adventure game that brings the subject of bullying to light. It’s like one of those educational games where you need to solve puzzles to progress while teaching you about an education subject at the same time. Typically, these types of games only focus on the teaching part which makes them tedious to play. The Path of Motus is similar, but from what I’ve seen, it actually does the game part well and has a good balance between the two subjects.

The Path of Motus will be released in Summer 2018 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Check out the trailer:

Image via official site.

New “open-world” Star Wars game in the works based on a job posting

New Star Wars game in the works. Perhaps an MMORPG?

EA is working a new open-world Star Wars game based on a job listing posting for their studio in Vancouver.

The job position first appeared on March 20th, 2018 and is looking for a “Lead Online Engineer” that fulfills the task of leading a “team to delivery Online features for a Star Wars Open World project. To keep this discreet, no other details about the game were given. EA probably already knows that the only people looking at their job boards are probably fans of their games. It’s likely that someone will see this post and then post it elsewhere which will leak that a new Star Wars franchise underway. However, they’re mum about the details of the game.

EA also has not commented on the news as well.

Based on their previous titles, it’s only lukewarm in terms of what to expect. If they learned anything over the Battlefront II conversely about loot crates and microtransactions, they should not make the same mistake this time around. After they pulled the microtransactions and introduced their new level progression system, the fans released some of the bitter feelings toward their greed. The new progression system only allows players to win by experience and not wallet size.

This could be anything from an AAA MMORPG to just a mobile game. Who knows?

Regardless, this is an interesting move to put out another Star Wars title so soon. We’ll keep you updated.

Image via EA.

ARK: Survival Evolved comes to Nintendo Switch

The popular dino MMO is coming to Switch.

ARK: Survival Evolved is going to be released on the Nintendo Switch.

As infamous as the game’s optimization issues are concerned, Studio Wildcard has already confirmed it for a Switch release at GDC 2018 today. They stated it during the State of Unreal presentation where they showed off the Switch handling the game just fine.

Jeremey Stieglitz, the lead of ARK, stated that the Switch is a good console for the game. He said that players can “go directly from hunting and taming while sitting on the couch, to forming online tribes and searching out new conquests when on the bus, waiting in line, or wherever they happen to be.”

This is exciting news for fans of the Switch who are into survival MMOs. ARK: Survival Evolved is the leading fantasy dinosaur survival game where you can craft hundreds of items, tame dozens of mounts, gather resources, form tribes, and build shelters.

The Switch version will be developed with Abstraction Games, their partner studio who previously worked on the PS4 port of it. War Drum Studios, the creators of the mobile version of ARK, also has invited players to start the beta testing of the game on phones.

It’ll be released this Fall in both digital and physical formats. Studio Wildcard posted a Tweet showing off the game on Switch. You can watch it here.

The game was previously only available on Windows after being in early access on Steam for a while. Now it’s available on Xbox One, PS4, mobile, and soon Nintendo Switch.

Target leaks details for the new Spyro game – it’s called “Spyro Treasure Trilogy”

New Spyro is confirmed to be called Spyro Treasure Trilogy by Target.

Target has accidentally leaked some details about the new Spyro Treasure Trilogy game by answering a question about pre-orders.

A user asked target when the “new Spyro be ready for preorder” and responded that they “don’t currently have any information about when this game will be available for pre-order.” This confirms that the game is indeed coming out and the name of the game.

Spryo Treasure Trilogy is a remaster of the Spyro games. It was planned to be announced sometime in March, but no date was confirmed other than Q3 in 2018. It would be an exclusive PlayStation game as well. Activision also stated that they plan on releasing more remastered versions of classic games, like Crash Bandicoot recently.

Spyro originally came out as a PlayStation platform mascot with Crash Bandicoot. The first game was released in 1998 and was a 3D platformer where you’d explore huge worlds with lots of shiny objects to collect. Later on, many other titles followed Spryo 2: Ripto’s Rage! and Spyro: Year of the Dragon in 1999 and 2000.

Recently, the name has only been used in the Skylanders series, but it doesn’t seem like it’s taking off. Perhaps this remaster will bring it back like Crash Bandicoot’s N-Sane Trilogy. We’ll have to wait and see for little purple dragon friend’s arrival. Sit tight, Spyro fans.

Image via BagoGames on Flickr.

Yakuza Kiwami 2 will use new Dragon Engine and feature a steelbook for early purchases

Yakuza Kiwami 2 is coming out to Western players with all-new features.

Yakuza Kiwami 2 will be released on August 28th, 2018.

Sega made the announcement that the game has been confirmed for a release date in the West. Yakuza Kiwami 2 is a remake of the original Yakuza 2 using the Dragon Engine. The new engine will have a bunch of performance improvements like limited loading times, no transition periods between entering and leaving buildings, and faster combat transitions. Sega has rebuilt the localization and voice-overs for the original game and added new stuff like minigames.

It follows the life of Kazuma Kiryu after the first game. He’s again in a clan full of conflicts and must engage peace between the characters. It takes place in Kamurocho and Osaka districts.

You get an extra story that depicts the life of Goro Majima and what he did between Yakuza Kiwami and Kiwami 2 and more revelations about what happened in Yakuza 0. you also get a new minigame called Golf Bingo and the Sega Toylet games as well.

The game will be released in a special steelbook for pre-orders or purchases at launch for no extra charge. This is a nice favor from Sega- probably to build up some good reception for the game so it can do better in the West.

It’ll be available for $49.99 in the US. Even if you’ve played Yakuza 2, this remake will be a drastic improvement just by looking at the screenshots. It’s rolling out quickly after the JP release for Western fans. Although not as popular in the US, it’s still an awesome game that’s worth checking out.

Stay tuned for more game news.

LEGO The Incredibles 2 and LEGO DC Villains coming out in 2018 by TT Games

LEGO The Incredibles 2 and LEGO DC Villains coming out in 2018 by TT Games 1

The Incredibles 2 is coming out later this year in theaters, and there’s new that a game will also come out with it.

There was an ad on the back of an instructor manual for a LEGO Juniors Incredibles 2 set that has yet to be released. In the ad, it shows the promo image with LEGO versions of the family and has a 2018 release date. The giveaway is the platforms- PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. And the “LEGO GAMES” logo as well. It’s pretty obvious that we’ll be getting another LEGO game.

Incredibles 2 LEGO
Promo on the back of a manual in a LEGO Juniors set. (Via

The game was leaked back in January and Eurogamer reported that other Pixar properties will be released as well. A LEGO DC Villains game was also leaked at the same time as this game, with stating that the game would feature characters like Lex Luthor, Joker, and Harley Quinn. TT Games usually roll out two games a year, so both of these games are probably the two titles for this year.

This is the first time that a property owned by Pixar has gotten its own game. Since this is the second movie, it’s likely that the game will take place between both Incredibles movies. Disney doesn’t develop their games in-house anymore and other studios do it for them, like TT Games for this situation. They’ve already worked on other LEGO games like LEGO Marvel Superheroes and LEGO The Force Awakens.

Stay tuned for more details.

Toki Tori coming to the Switch on March 30th (on-time for Easter)

Toki Tori is coming to the Switch.

Toki Tori is coming to the Switch this month in March.

Developed by Two Tribes announced that their infamous egg-collecting puzzle game is going to roll out on March 30 complete with HD rumble support and even a time rewind feature. The game will include over 80 levels in 5 unique worlds for players to take on and new challenges as well!

Toki Tori will run at a smooth 60 FPS and also take advantage of the video-recording capabilities.

The previous game was Toki Tori 2, which was released for the Switch earlier already in 2018. Toki Tori is the prequel to it and continues the egg-hunt craze. The previous game was released on Wii U, Game Boy Color, and 3DS. The Switch is the new home and fits perfectly with the eShop’s growing indie library and HD rumble controls.

The series is basically a puzzle game where you need to guide a bird character around a bunch of puzzles that are unique and requires a different approach to beat. you need to use a bunch of tools to solve the puzzles. You can warp, freeze, and even “InstantRock” to get all the eggs on each level. That’s the goal of the game.

The game will cost $4.99 at launch and if you pre-order, you can snag an extra 10% off as well. It’s available for pre-order right now.

Chucklefish is publishing a new strategy RPG called Pathway

Chucklefish is publishing Pathways- an indie turn-based RPG coming out in 2018.

Chucklefish announced that they’re publishing the strategy RPG called Pathway.

It’s being developed by Robotality and it’s a turn-based strategy RPG game based in the 1930s in the German military. Your partner Morten has vanished after investigating the Nazis. So you and your team go in and find him through many different locations. It has a basic storyline but a lot going for it in terms of gameplay and strats.

The game is procedurally-generated each time you play, so it’s always different and fresh. The game takes place in a variety of locations that are yours for discovering and uncovering. They’re pretty eerie looking. The game is rendered with gorgeous pixel artwork and offers a nice storyline to go with it. It’s a pixel and hybrid technology that gives a real feeling of depth to the environment.

The OST is composed by Gavin Harrison who has experience with Robotality’s games- like Halfway.

Each time you dive into a temple, you’ll have to strategize and plan your moves. It is a turn-based strategy game so you’ll have to decide and plan strategically to take down the baddies. As you explore and encounter bad guys, you’ll be familiarized with a combat system similar to the XCOM series where positioning, weapons, skills, and roles play a huge factor in your success.

Pathways will roll out for Mac, PC, Linux in late 2018. You can check it out on Steam or check out the official site for more info. If you like TBS, you should check out this indie game for sure.

Image via Chucklefish blog.

State of Decay 2 confirmed to have absolutely no microtransactions

State of Decay 2 will follow a typical DLC setup - most likely with any microtransactions.

State of Decay 2 will be free of microtransactions.

Jeff Strain, the boss of Undead Labs, has stated in a report to IGN that the game won’t have any microtransactions. State of Decay 2 is a huge and anticipated zombie survival game that’s the successor to State of Decay.

The game is planned for release on May 22, 2018 for Windows and Xbox One. It’ll be a Play Anywhere title as well and will be available for Game Pass on launch day (which is just $10 a month).

Instead of plugging the game with cash items, it’ll most likely follow a typical setup of using DLC instead. Players can appreciate this so the game won’t offer any pay-to-win advantages to paying players (or loot crates as well).

Get more info on the launch here.

Image via official site.

Félix “xQc” Lengyel mutually agrees to split with Dallas Fuel

xQc has agreed to mutually split with the Dallas Fuel and has parted with them on good word.

Félix “xQc” Lengyel and the Dallas Fuel have mutually agreed to part ways, based on a press release from the Overwatch League team.

The Dallas Fuel announced that they’ve agreed with xQc to split up after the League announcing some penalties against player xQc and two other players- and even a head coach on March 10, 2018. xQc was fined $4,000 and also suspended for four upcoming games.

What did he do? He used a Titch emote in a “racially-disparaging” manner in the show’s Twitch chat and also used the same language against some shoutcasters and other players in his own stream on Twitch. Before this incident, he was also fined $2,000 and suspended for four games as well- making that a total of 8 games and $6,000 in fines.

xQc talked about this issue on his own stream in the middle of a competitive match. He states:

“When you get signed onto a team, they sign you with a [work] contract or whatever, right? But then the league has to approve your entry, right? So the league would have to manually approve my re-entry into another team. And I don’t know about that, my dude. Listen, I think’s that unlikely, to be fair.”

He’s the first League player to leave the original twelve games of the season. The Dallas Fuel has also stated that they’ll be looking for another player to provide for the flexibility for xQc’s leave from their roster.

You can keep up with Overwatch League using their site.

Pathfinder Second Edition – Playtest Rulebook, new features, and updates!

Pathfinder Second Edition is coming soon!

Paizon, Inc., the developer behind their Pathfinder Tabletop Game has announced that it’ll be getting a second edition.

There will be an open playtest for version two of Pathfinder starting on August 2nd, 2018. Players will be able to read the Playtest rulebook, a Playtest adventure, and also a Playtest Flip-Mat Multi-Pack. All of these materials will be free of charge to any player that wants to join in on the cult-like Tabletop game. There’s a whole release schedule for all the materials.

The game first premiered back in 2008. It’s been a huge success with over a decade of materials for the game. There have been adventure paths, miniatures, and even Pathfinder Kingmaker developed by Owlcat Games.

Jason Bulmahn, Paizo’s Design Director, states that:

“We’re updating the game’s engine while also adding a bunch of fun new ways to play. There is a lot to discover, but you will never be far from the game you love – the game you helped us make.”


“With the new edition, we have a chance to revisit some decisions we made with the first edition of Pathfinder.” 

All of the changes will be visible on their site. The majority of them aim to improve the game and also clean up outdated rules. Playing the game in timed blocks. Fighting enemies will be measured in seconds in Encounter Mode, and Exploration Mode will be measured in minutes to hours.

Paizo also stated that players will be able to get three actions during their turn in any combination- moving, drawing a weapon, and attacking all take a single action. Casting spells take two actions (for most). Some spells can use between one to three actions such as Magic Missile. Attacks also incur a penalty after your first action but still also give you a chance to hit. The second edition will be the same as the first one in terms of the mechanics and fundamentals. They don’t want to change the game too drastically.

Paizo wants players to take advantage of the free materials. There’s even a softcover, hardcover, and deluxe edition of the Playtest Rulebook print editions between March 20th and May 1st.

Get the inside scoop here.

Image via Paizo.


State of Decay 2 – Standard Edition/Ultimate Edition price, release date, and news

State of Decay 2 - Standard Edition/Ultimate Edition price, release date, and news 2

State of Decay 2 is due to release on May 22 for the Xbox One and Windows PC as a Play Anywhere title.

It’ll also be available on the Xbox Game Pass on launch day (an excellent value at $10/month).

Microsoft has also confirmed that it’ll be priced at $29.99 for the Standard Edition. The Gold Edition (or Ultimate Edition) will run you $20 more at $49.99- nothing too surprising other than it’s lower than the MSRP of first-party games developed by them.

State of Decay 2 is a zombie apocalypse simulator that originally came out on the Xbox Live Arcade in 2013. The game was awesome. The sequel will run on Unreal Engine 4 instead of the CryEngine that the former game used. It’ll also have multiplayer co-op and a lot more to get excited about for any zombie fans.

Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft GM of Games Marketing states:

“Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with the State of Decay community and to foster deeper experiences with the franchise. We believe State of Decay 2 accomplishes this goal by immersing fans in the ultimate zombie survival fantasy, and we want to give more players the opportunity to join in and experience this unique game.”

The ultimate edition includes State of Decay 2 includes early access on May 18 and also a free copy of State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition and the Independence Pack/Daybreak Pack DLCs as well- both of which will be announced at a later date.

For all fans who are looking forward to this game, there’s a lot to be excited about. The game looks amazing and offers a lot at a lower price. This is good news for those who were already planning to get this game. The Ultimate Edition is worth it if you were already looking to shell out full price. Now you can get in on the action for less than the original price.

You can check it out on the store here.

Image via Microsoft Store.

Carrion – A violent new “reverse horror” game where you’re the enemy

Carrion is a violent reverse horror game.

Carrion is a new “reverse horror game” that has you playing the role of the violent monster instead of the traditional format.

It’s a very gruesome, gory, and violent horror game that has you playing as this huge blog that wants nothing but human destruction. The game is made with old-school pixel art and is full of violence. The gameplay videos released so far has scenes where the player controlling the blob using its long tendrils to slowly crawl through an old lab and literally rip the scientists apart.

There’s also a skill system where you can upgrade your blobby activities like dashing, throwing, and of course, grabbing. Using these abilities is needed to get around barriers like fences, vents, and other things that may try to slow your alien blob down.

The game is played in a 2D sidescrolling format using a traditional point-and-click interface. The game features 16-bit graphics (or it appears so) and is detailed with grungy colors.

There’s also a splitting ability that divides you into two blobs and is needed unlock high-security doors that require two levers to be pressed.

So far, the game has no set release date. Carrion is a new twist on the old-school horror we’re accustomed to. You can check it out here.

Monster Hunter: World is Capcom’s best-selling game of all time

Capcom's best-selling game is now Monster Hunter: World.

Monster Hunter: World is a huge hit for Capcom.

It released 2 months ago back in January and it’s a huge commercial success. It’s a game that brings back the epic monster battles that only a few versions have been able to capture effectively. Capcom has announced that MHW is their best-selling game- of all time.

It’surpassed their Resident Evil 5 title which was the former best-selling game at 7.3m million copies. MHW sold 7.5 units and is still selling like hotcakes.

In a press release, Capcom stated that worldwide sales of the game are the best-to-date. Of course, shipping the game and selling it are to be distinguished, which Capcom states:

Monster Hunter: World has overcome both linguistic and cultural barriers to delight approximately 7 million players worldwide, and has shipped 7.5 million units”

So far, Monster Hunter: World has sold like crazy. Last month, it sold 6m units since launch and it’s still going strong making it a huge commercial success. It was released at the same time worldwide so everyone got in on the action simultaneously. It’s also the first game to be available on a console in almost decade. It’s good that they’re branching out from the handheld devices. Capcom states:

“Since the first Monster Hunter title made its debut 14 years ago in 2004, the series has attracted a dedicated fan base, and overall grown into a mega-hit with cumulative sales of more than 48 million units worldwide as of March 5, 2018.”

MHW has done an excellent job on recapturing what was once started. It’s good to have them back. If you haven’t checked out the game yet, you should. It’s an epic adventure that no other game can reenact. It’s a one-of-a-kind game.

Image via press release.

Doomfist, Mei, and Sombra get buffed in newest Overwatch patch

Overwatch patch buffs Doomfist, Mei, and Sombra.

Doomfist, Mei, and Sombra have all been buffed in the recent patch for Overwatch.

The game’s official patch notes posted on the Overwatch forums states that the 3 characters had their changes in testing on the PTR for the past 2 weeks. The changes in this patch have just slid past any filters and no adjustments had to be made.

Doomfist only had a single buff- his ammo recovery rate dropped from 0.80 seconds to a mere 0.65 seconds. Mei’s freeze duration has been increased by 50% to deal with the fast-moving heroes. And the cost of ammo for her icicle attack has also been reduced by 5, which means she gets 2 extra shots before reloading again.

Sombra is the one that takes the gold. She had a lot of buffs in her stats. Her EMP won’t be blocked by obstacles in the map like rocks, lamp posts, and signs.

She’ll have a harder time gaining her Ultimate though- players using her HP packs won’t give her gain. Her standard hack cast time has also been reduced from 0.80 to 0.65 seconds and also adds a few disables. Genji’s Cyber Agility, Pharah’s Hover Jets, Hanzo’s Wall Climb, Mercy’s Angelic Descent are all able to be disabled by Sombra.

And her machine pistol has also been improved in accuracy by lowering the spread to 2.7 from 3.0. Additionally, her translocator has a 5-second duration increase and she can view enemy HP bars through walls if they’re below 100% HP.

Sombra players have plenty to look forward to in this new patch.

Blizzard World also got some HP placements adjusted and bug fixes were patched as well.

Overwatch League is still in full swing and may be added near part 3 of the Season’s offerings.

It’s a good time to be an Overwatch underdog.

Image via Overwatch Wiki.