R6S Outbreak update introduces new maps, items, and “Pandemic” difficulty

R6S will be getting some new goodies in the Outbreak update.

In March, Rainbow Six Siege will be getting a nice special, limited time co-op event.

It’s called Outbreak and it’s part of the Operation Chimera content pack. This pack marks the beginning of RS6’s third year of content seasons. Ubisoft has listed a breakdown of how the event will function and even a nice teaser trailer that shows off the new alien threat in Outbreak.

Only a few Operators will be playable in Outbreak. It’s a PvE game mode so only select Operators can be used. Chimera introduces Lion and Finka, but players will be able to choose from Ying, Buck, Kapkan, Ash, Doc, Tachanka, Glaz, Recruit, and Smoke. After your Operator is chosen, you’ll be forced into the town of Truth or Consequences in New Mexico where you’ll take on some aliens called Apex. They’ve transformed all the local people into horrifying monsters.

Outbreak introduces 3 different maps- each taking place in a different part of town. Ubisoft states that the maps will be a lot bigger than the traditional R6S map, but they’ll be more linear as well. Player’s won’t get confused and always know where to go. They’ll also have destructible environments (as expected) and players will be able to create a new path by destroying elements in the environment. Outbreak also introduces a Pandemic difficult which is even harder- friendly fire is on and monsters are a lot more difficult.

Some new cosmetic will also be implemented and some loot boxes called Outbreak Packs. A total of 50 items will be yours to purchase. The Packs will also not award duplicated items as well. If you manage to get all 50, you’ll get all 50. Every player will get 4 for free. All you need to do is log in to Outbreak.

If you’re a beta tester, you’re already eligible to try out Outbreak starting on 2/20. Ubisoft states they’ll release another update for Chimera and Outbreak during the e-sports event on 2/18-2/19. The official launch date for the update is March 6 and will last about a month, so players will be able to play for just a short period.

Lastly, Ubisoft has decided to keep the game at $39.99 instead of $59.99 due to fan backlash. Good on them.

Bungie releases update “roadmap” for Destiny 2

Destiny 2 gets an update schedule.

After the many waves of criticism for Bungie’s Destiny 2, they’ve finally laid out a “roadmap” for its players to clam the tides.

The specifics of it are pretty scarce, as it’s mainly just random titles like you’d see on a to-do list. But at least it shows Bungie is working towards improving Destiny 2 and it’s taking action- whether in the players’ favor or not. It’s pretty much just an outline of what you should expect from the AAA title in the coming seasons.

Some noticeable improvements include fixes to criticisms from the players tied to the main gameplay. It should receive some updates like public chat on the PC version and also a rate change to the duplicate Exotic items. There will also be Nightfall exclusive rewards as well. This is all planned by February 27.

By March 27, one month later, there should be new updates to abilities and weapons that balances the game as well as Crucible playlist and gameplay tweaks and Heroic Strike modifiers.

Later in May, it’ll get Eater of World’s Prestige Mode and Private Matches as well. The mod system will also be improved.

The roadmap isn’t set in stone though. It’s pretty much just ideas on a board and everything is just planned. But it gives the impression that Bungie is focusing on updates that will make Destiny 2 a game worth playing again. Sit tight for updates.

Image via Bungie.

Surviving Mars set to release on March 15, 2018

Surviving Mars is set to release on Steam on 3/15.

Surviving Mars, the planetary colony builder developed by Haemimont Games is coming out on March 15, 2018.

If you’ve never heard about this game, it’s a pretty awesome concept. You’re in command of a new colony on Mars and your goal is to expand civilization. It’s a combination of not just humans, but some robotics as well. I’d assume the game takes place sometime in the near future as we’re building the space colony on Mars in real life eventually.

You start the game with a small group of explorers who need to establish basic necessities in order to propagate life on this newfound planet. It’s a game that’ll progress into some very futuristic and awesome tech. You’ll be able to build some giant domes, buildings, automatic structures, and pretty much everything else. It’s like a modern version of SimCity-excepti it takes places on Mars. And it’s in the future. So somethign like SimCity 3000.

the game is similar to other city builders, except that each colonist is an independent AI computer-ccontrolled unit. It has the abilty to affect other units as well. For example, if one uni goes crazy and rebeles, this may affect your expansion rate, research, and even your entire colony’s structure as well- espciaily if that unit aws important.

The game also has an element of surpise as well judiging from the game’s trailer. This adds some random element to the plot I assume.

Surviving Mars seems like a pretty awesome game so far. It’ll be avaialble on 3/15/18 with a price tag of $39.99 on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, and Xbox One as well. You can check it out on Steam. It’ll be publishedby Paradox Interactive.

Image via Steam page.

The Forest is leaving early access and going into a full release on Steam

The Forest is releasing as a full game soon.

The Forest is coming out of early access on Steam some time in April 2018!

If you’ve never heard of this game, it’s basically a survival game that takes place in a huge world filled with some spooky monsters. You have to gather resources, establish a base, craft weapons, harvest food, and explore the giant map freely at your own pace.

The game takes place with your character having ditched a plane crash and now you’re stuck somewhere in the wilderness looking for your son. You get a glimpse of some giant man taking your son off into the woods, so you need to go look for him on this mysterious island. Of course, you won’t be able to just find him. It’s a whole expedition and will require many days of exploration, which means you need to establish shelter, food, and get your basic necessities so you can continue looking for him.

The game has tons of lakes, ponds, caves, forests, and villages for you to gather loot from. Like pretty much any survival game these days, you’ll have to fend off attackers. Instead of it being other players like in Rust and Ark, you’ll have to defend yourself from these monsters that’ll attack your establishment and eventually you yourself. It’s considered to be a horror survival game because the enemies you face do indeed look freakin’ creepy. The environments you explore are also filled with these monsters as well. There’s even a day/night cycle and a weather system as well. The game is basically a horror survival game taken to the extreme. It’s like playing Rust with a horror mod or something.

The Forest came out in May of 2014 in early access and has made some significant leaps in progress since then. Now, it’s ready for a full release almost 4 years later. The developers have decided to release the full version of the game on PC this year. It’ll be released with patch 0.73 which contains a few updates, patches, and fixes.

Like most games, The Forest will get a price bump for the full version. It’ll jump from $14.99 to just $19.99- a modest $5 increase. If you’ve been eyeing this game, or if you like horror survival games, you’ll definitely want to check out the game on Steam.

Image via survivetheforest.com

Nintendo won’t reveal who’s behind the Labo

Nintendo Labo is coming soon.

The Nintendo Labo has been a pretty good success based on word around the web.

One questionable thing about Nintendo’s new interactive cardboard toy is that no one (other than Nintendo) is who exactly is developing the software for this product.

Kotaku has been prodding them with questions regarding the software development for the Labo, but even during the latest showcase, they stated that Nintendo has declined to answer any questions about the people developing the software for the toy.

Although this isn’t unlike Nintendo, since they’ve been quiet about this whole project since the start. They haven’t revealed anything about the teams or devs behind the Labo yet.

The only thing that makes this a weird thought is that it’s already out and released. It’s not like it’s still in development- it’s already availble for pre-order. This sort of information isn’t usually concealed after a game or product release.

The Labo Variety Kit and the Labo Robot Kit both roll out in a few months. Perhaps then Nintendo will shed some information. Right now, if you’re einterested in Labo, you can grab the Toy-Cons on preorder right now from their store.

Image via Nintendo.

Fortnite resolution bug punishing players on PS4 and Xbox One

Fornite's new patch comes with a slew of issues.

With the new Fornite update brings new improvements- and some new bugs.

While the accompanying server downtime wasn’t as bad as last week’s update, this update brought some new bugs with it. It seems like many players of the console versions (PS4/Xbox One) are getting some resolutions problems that make the game unplayable.

Specifically, the game will render itself at a resolution way too “wide” in terms of aspect ratio. It’s like playing the game on an ultrawide screen when you’re using a normal widescreen. The edges of the game fall way outside of the viewable bounds of the screen.

Epic Games confirmed the issue shortly after the patch was uploaded and live. In a Reddit post, they made a statement:

“We are aware that some console players are having issues with resolution. Fixing this is a priority for us and we will let you know when we are ready to deploy a fix.”

There’s no statement about when exactly it’ll be fixed though other than the vague statement. The only problem is that some players get the issue while others don’t. This offers a huge advantage to those players, so it’s a totally unfair game.

After you’ve downloaded the update, you’ll immediately know if you’ve been affected by it. If everything’s normal, you’re good. if not, you’ll have to wait for the update.

Another issue that showed up with the patch is the addition of a quest that asks players to join in on a limited-time mode called Blitz. That’s good and all only if it were actually available for joining.

Epic has also commented on this issue and says it’s not available and that it’s “working to remove this from available quests.”

There’s also another bug where some chests come up empty with no loot, not being able to equip the first weapon you loot, and not being able to access the pause menu when you’re downed in Build mode. There are also some issues for Save the World mode as well that you can read about the other issues here.

On the plus side, this update adds the minigun and a few other updates like Expedition types for Save the World and the Cozy Campfire item. You can check out the new updates here.

Also, be sure to log in to get your freebies for the downtime that was last week’s patch. It’s Epic Games’ way of apologizing for the trigger-happy.

Image via Epic Games.

Overwatch update nerfs Mercy and Junkrat

Overwatch nerfs both Mercy and Junkrat in newest update.

Overwatch has gone through some major changes in the last patch- specifically for two of the most ass-kicking characters in the game.

Mercy has been top-tier for the past couple of months already in almost every single match. Overwatch League was no exception. She has a super high pick rate and also has the kit to seriously help dominate the enemy team.

Having the ability to revive 2 downed teammates instantly and being able to support the remaining 3 members for twenty seconds is just OP. Because of this, Blizzard has gone ahead and laid down the nerf hammer once again.

In the newest patch, her ultimate Valkyrie has been dropped down to just 15 seconds and also the speed boost has been reduced to just 50% that it provides to Guardian Angel.

Valkyrie will also no longer give her an extra Resurrect charge and it won’t negate the casting time. With these nerfs, players should see a lower Mercy pick rate since Blizzard has gone in and pretty much nerfed her like crazy. She won’t be as helpful and OP as before- that’s for sure. Even skilled players won’t be nearly as effective as before.

The updates were available on the PTR server for a while now. Reactions from players have been mixed. It does what it does- it nerfs her. But some players complained that it goes too far because of the significant casting time of Resurrect and leaves her vulnerable for quite some time.

Even with this player feedback, Blizzard still slammed the hammer.

Junkrat also got a minor nerf in which the Concussion Mine will have damage falloff. They now detonate with weaker damage and need to be extremely close to the target to deal the full 120 hit points. It’s not that bad, but it just makes the AoE of the mines deal less damage.

If you’re a Mercy hater or a Junkrat hater, this update should be bliss.

Image via playoverwatch.com

Hollow Knight is getting another expansion pack – Gods & Glory

Hollow Knight is getting its third expansion pack- free for all players!

Hollo Knight is getting a new (and final) expansion called Gods & Glory.

Since its release, Hollo Knight has already gotten two expansions so far. The base game is already huge, and these expansions added some collectible items, boss fights, and new NPCs to interact with.

Now, this popular underground Metroidvania title is getting its third and final expansion, as announced by Team Cherry in a post. It’ll be the final chapter of the game’s story, and it’ll include a new quest tied to a new NPC known as the Godseeker. From the announcement on their Steam Community page, it looks like she’s a new enemy that’ll eventually team up with the player to bring an end to the game’s chapter.

It’ll also include new bosses for fight, but the exact number is still classified as of now. The bosses introduced with being tied with the Godseeker’s quest, and the devs also said the encounters may not be as they appear- whatever that means.

Upon completion of, the new expansion’s story quest comes a third game mode, which is also a mystery but it’s been built for the fans and is a “classic for the genre.” There’s also a new feature called “Glorify Charms” which allows players to customize their loadouts for their charms.

There’s also some new music from the awesome composer Christopher Larkin.

As of now, there’s no set release date for Gods & Glory as now other than early 2018. Like the previous two expansions, Gods & Glory will be completely free to download for everyone.

Image via Hollow Knight Steam page.

Microsoft acquires Playfab; focusing on better game development with Azure

Playfab has been bought out by Microsoft.

Playfab, a platform for game developers to support their online games, has been bought out by Microsoft.

According to a blog post, they’ve acquired the rights to backend Playfab. This isn’t a platform that’s touted in the face of gamers, but rather developers who need something to compute tasks that we take for granted. Things like account info, account linking, players stats, login info, game saves, and tons of other player data that needs to be stored in the cloud so it can be accessed anywhere.

Playfab is sort of like Google Drive or OneCloud for game data. Kinda.

It’s currently being used by over 1,200 titles and over 700 million gamers. That’s pretty significant.

Getting the rights to this property allows the software giant to expand their focus on gaming and development of Xbox One and Windows gaming platforms as well. This allows for an extensive way to complement their existing platform, Microsoft Azure, in order to better the gaming experience. The Corporate VP of Gaming Kareem Choudhry believes this statement.

Playfab has all of this stuff already figured out. Instead of developing it yourself, why not just buy it? Now Azure can be improved for game developers all over the world. It saves Microsoft money. It saves game devs money and hassle from sorting out complicated code. And it saves both parties time and cost by creating a universal environment for them to utilize.

James Gwertzman, CEO of Playfab, wrote a post about the history of the company as well. He wanted to build an infrastructure to accommodate the development of online games.

Fans react to Rainbow Six Siege price increase; Ubisoft responds

R6S Advanced Edition increased in price by $20.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (R6S), has bumped up the price of its game based on a news post on their site.

This didn’t go through silently and smoothly though, as tons of fans showed some hatred towards the price increase- especially from the Rainbox Six Siege subreddit.

The game was originally released in 2015 and is still played today as a tactical FPS game. It features two teams of five players against each other in small maps and focuses heavily on using strats to beat the enemy team. It has a defending team which can use a variety of objects like traps and barricades to set up defensive positions to gain an advantage over the attacking team, which uses gadgets and rappelling gear to get around these obstacles.

It’s not the first game in this genre, but it’s probably one of the best as of recent, modern times.

The developers removed the Standard Edition which was priced at $39.99 and substituted the Advanced Edition priced at $59.99. This means new players had to buy the Advanced Edition rather than the Standard Edition for $20 extra. The AE only includes some 10 Outbreak packs, loot boxes, and some cosmetic stuff- nothing that special. It does also include 600 credits as well. The loot crates are worth 300 credits each. It pretty much includes everything and makes the original 20 Operators easier to unlock.

There’s also a Starter Edition, which also increased in price and lots of fans backlashed at this as well. For players who aren’t fimilar with it and just wantt a taste of it, it’s a tough bullet to bite. Ubisoft has then decided to make things right for the community. It’s available for the PC only and comes with all content, 600 credits, but takes more time to unlock the 20 original Operators.

First, they decided to keep the Standard Edition instead of removing it.

Second, anyone who plays a match in the game between now and March 6 will unlock the Ash Sidewinder skin for free. And they’re also in discussion about acquiring Operators in the Starter Edition as well.

However, the Advanced Edition will remain at the $59.99 price point on Steam.

Image via Ubisoft blog post.

What’s coming in Sea of Thieves updates

Sea of Thieves has some hidden gems coming soon.

Some users in a Reddit post have gone through and data-mined Sea of Thieve’s code to discover what features are coming up next based on a report via VG247.

If you haven’t heard about this game, it’s developed by Rare and is probably the next big MMORPG. It’s a pirate-themed online experience complete with combat, boats, and everything that entails a pirate on the seas. How could you have not heard of it?

They’ve discovered a bunch of stuff ranging from NPCs, landmarks, weapons, and treasures maps. That’s all the common stuff you’d expect from future updates anyway.

But there are some real golden nuggets you may want to tip you pirate hat at coming in a future patch you may want to look out for.

Spoiler alert: Those who don’t want to get their goods spoiled should stop reading here.

Some notable discoveries in the code include:

  • The Kraken is a threat to ships because it wraps them up and drags them underwater. This seems to be a new monster in a near update.
  • Players can soon play instruments like banjos, fiddles, drums, and ukeleles.
  • Ship customization is going all out as well- you can swap your mast, livery, wheel, cargo, and figureheads.
  • New maps are coming like the Caribbean and such.
  • Bugs patches and error fixes.
  • Besides this, users are constantly posting new discovering. You may want to keep your eye on the Sea of Thieves subreddit for new updates.

The beta will run until January 31st, so there’s still some time to mess around with the game. Or if you’re already all-hands-on-deck about it, you can pre-order it right now on their official site. The launch is scheduled on March 19, 2018 and will retail for $59.99. And it’ll be available for just Xbox One, Windows 10, and Xbox One X. It’ll also have Play Anywhere included.

You can get more info on their site.

Image via Sea of Thieves site.

Battlefront 2 new updates on the way

SW: Battlefront 2 has some nice updates rolling out.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 got off to a rocky start with its player gouging.

DICE has since been committed to improving the gameplay experience of the AAA title after learning that you can’t just try to extract time and money from players like many, many other companies are doing nowadays. Loot crates and randomized items are pretty much the same as gambling your cash for some virtual pixels these days.

That’s probably why there’s a push towards discretions that let the players know exactly what they’re getting themselves into- such as the requirement to jot down the exact percentages of winning a particular item.

DICE has posted some improvements coming to Battlefront 2 in a recent blog post.

First, players who participated in The Last Jedi content season’s faction war may be wondering about why the First Order over the Resistance. It’s because 58% of participants chose to fight for the First order rather then the Resistance, which is why they emerged to be the winners over 10 million faction quests were completed. That’s plenty.

Second, DICE talks about a new content seasons that are underway and will be rolling soon. It’s pretty much hidden at this point, but it should be based on feedback from the previous season.

Third, there will be a new game feature called Jetpack Cargo which arrives next month in February. It puts players into an 8v8 matchup with jetpacks. It’ll be a limited-time thing. There will also be other limited-time game modes as well.

And lastly, there will be a fully-revamped progression system which is built towards what players have been asking for. There isn’t a whole lot written about it, but it does suggest that it’ll be available in March.

If you’re a fan of Battlefront 2, get ready for some awesome updates.

Read their post here.

Indie developers Image & Form and Zoink merge to Thunderful

The two popular indie devs combine to form Thunderful.

Image & Form, a rising indie studio is merging with Zoink to create a new company called Thunderful.

The two studios have worked together before and consider themselves, partners. Instead of replacing one of them, they’ve combined to create a new label. They even have a new site designed just for Thunderful and describe themselves as an LLC that owns both Image & Form and Zoink.

However, it states that both of them will continue to create games with their own intellectual properties under their respective labels.

So it’s like these two studios have created a whole new brand which allows them to work together and develop new indie games, yet it still keeps their properties separate. It’s pretty amusing.

They’ve worked together before, and according to CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson of Image & Form, they already work “together on a daily basis in PR, marketing, intelligence and publishing.”

These studios created games that are known for their artwork such as, Dig 2, Dig, Heist, and Zombie Vikings. Combining them together may help them create even larger and more awesome games.

As of now, Zoink is working on a game called Fe, which is an action-adventure game published by EA games. You play as a fox in a forest against the Silent Ones. The game is available next month on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. The interesting part is that this game doesn’t slow development just because of the development of Thunderful. It seems like nothing was halted or slowed.

Image & Form is currently making SteamWorld Dig available for the Switch.

Image via Thunderful.

RollerCoaster Tycoon is coming to the Nintendo Switch

RCT is coming to the Switch!

Atari has started a crowdfunding campaign to bring the classic theme park builder RollerCoaster Tycoon to the Nintendo Switch.

Everyone knows what RCT is. It’s probably one of the best strategy tycoon games of all time. If you haven’t heard of it, you must’ve been detached from the videogame world for quite some time (or you’re new to gaming in general). It was a very addicting game and has consumed many, many hours of my childhood (and millions of others).

The campaign is hosted on StartEngine, which many won’t be familiar with. Atari is looking for $10,000 to $1.07 million. That’s a pretty big range.

The game will be developed by Nvizzio Creation, who also made the F2P RCT Touch version. The version that they’re making shouldn’t have any mobile cash-grab gimmicks like the F2P version does. It should be a fully fleshed-out RCT game for Nintendo Switch.

If you donate to their campaign, you get some perks for this game and future developments as well.

The game is said that it’ll be an original game that’ll utilize the Switch’s portable functionality and home capabilities as well. It’ll also come with exclusive features just for the Switch. Confrimed features include a career mode, sandbox mode, and scenarios. So far, these aren’t anything special as they’ve been available since the beginning of the RCT series.

We’ll have to watch out for this one. It could be the next awesome RollerCoaster Tycoon game.

Image via StartEngine.

Coffee Crisis to be released February 15, 2018 – a cult indie retro classic

Coffee Crisis is set to release on February 15, 2018.

If you’ve never heard about it before, it’s a game developed by Mega Cat Studios. It was originally released as a Sega Genesis cart, but now it’s available for multiple platforms- Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as PS4, Xbox One some time later in the future.

The game first appeared from a successful Kickstarter campaign about a year ago in 2017. It rolled out as a Genesis cart with a box and instruction manual. Mega Cat Studios basically wanted to create another Genesis game without all the laws and regulations of creating one. It’s completely fan-made with no input from Sega.

The game was a success and they continued to work on new updates for the game via the circuit boards and new cartridges because the game was in a physical format and had no connection to the internet. Some updates included art, combos, and new hitboxes. It’s a real blast to the past.

Now, Coffee Crisis is the next game. It’s an action sidescroller beat ’em up with gorgeous 2D graphics. If you’ve played legendary classics like Streets of Rage and Final Fight, you’ll know exactly what the game is like. Players play as one of two characters who need to fight off an alien race in Penn State. It’s a 2-player game with 10 stages that are hand-drawn with complete couch co-op. The game also has some awesome music made by a band called Greywalker and has 12 tracks.

If you’re into indie games, this is one you don’t want to give up.

It’s already being planned for Xbox One as they’ve already begun the process and PS4 will be announced some time later. Windows, Mac, and Linux will be released on the 15th of February.

There will be also some exclusive PC features as well.

The keys for the PC version were delivered to backers in March, and since then we’ve been adapting their feedback into the game. Because of their suggestions, the PC release will have a ton of polished content and exclusive features! We’ve also started the Xbox certification process, so a cup of crisis is coming to consoles too!

Check out their campaign for more info.

Rust is rolling out as a full game – also full price

Rust will be rolling out 2/8/18 as a full game.

Rust is finally leaving Early Access and is coming to full game release on February 8, 2018!

If you’ve never heard of Rust, it’s a survival game that takes place in the modern world. Like any other survival game, you’ll have to gather resources, craft items, and form alliances with other players in order to make it in the world. Raids and attacks are common, so you always need to be prepared for enemies looking for loot.

The game has been in Early Access for over 4 years now. Many players probably already gave up on it and just labeled it as a game that’ll never come out of Early Access and evolve into a full game. But just recently, the developer/publisher Facepunch Studios announced that it’ll finally be a full release title.

The game rolled out a while ago and redefined the survival game genre. It’s been through many, many patches and updates that changed everything from a static map to a procedurally-generated world. Lots of player feedback went into developing the game. It also regressed in gameplay features for a bit as the newer stuff needed to catch up to the old stuff.

Now, it’s fully fleshed-out with NPC vehicles, weapons, items, armor, building materials, keypad locks, and even wildlife to hunt down.

When Rust gets released as a full game, game development will continue on the game to improve. The devs also stated that the update schedule will change from a weekly schedule to a monthly schedule instead. There will also be 2 branches to get the download from. There’s a Main Branch which will include the stable monthly updates and hotfixes. And then there’s the Staging Branch which includes the newest updates (daily) as experimental features. Players can choose whichever branch they desire to play in.

The full version will bump the price from $19.99 to $34.99. So if you’ve been wanting to play Rust, now’s your chance to get into the game before it rolls out. The price increase will be immediate so now’s the time to buy.

We Happy Few delayed until Summer 2018; Stopping sales until game released

We Happy Few will be delayed and is offering refunds for everyone who bought it.

We Happy Few has been officially delayed until Summer 2018 based on a video about the production update straight from the devs.

If you’ve never heard of We Happy Few, it’s pretty much a survival game that’s based in a world where everyone uses drugs to conform to a single unit in society. It’s a first-person game that focuses on exploration in a whole new world as a rebel. You play as a character who refuses to abide by society and you need to discover and learn more about the people behind it. At least, that’s what I last heard about it.

It’s made by Compulsion games. The reason they’re pushing it back is that they need more time to polish it up. And they’ve noticed some complaints and player feedback about the game so they’re taking the time improve the game. They also noticed that there’s not enough content in the game to justify the current price offering, so they’ll be doing something pretty cool.

Sales for We Happy Few will be paused. You won’t be able to buy the game in Early Access anymore starting at the end of January 2018 until it’s released. And everyone who currently owns the game will get a full refund if desired irrelevant of playtime (Steam has a 2-hour window to get a refund).

You’ll have to use stealth to sneak past very dangerous situations and also blend into the surrounding by being a social chameleon. There’s also a combat system if you do get caught as well. You have to explore the dark city of England in 1960s. It’s war-torn and everyone seems happy, but that’s just because of the drugs. You need to find out why everyone is so happy. The game plays with the stories of 3 different citizens each with their own perks and they’re all on the same mission- to find out what’s going on in their super happy city of England. It’s pretty creepy and gives you that eerie feeling as you play it. It features immersive and atmospheric gameplay.

The game has been out for a while now and you can give it a try as Early Access only for $50.99 USD, but the actual game hasn’t been released yet. And it won’t be until Summer 2018. If you’re a fan, be happy for them taking the time.

Overall, there’s a huge fanbase in following this game. At least they’re not rushing it and taking the time to get it right.

Gaming industry brings in $37B in 2017

The ESA has released its report for 2017's totals.

The US game industry brought in just about $37 billion in 2017 based on a report from the Entertainment Software Association.

You’re probably wondering- is this a lot? How’s the gaming industry doing as a whole?

The ESA is a group of people that analyze and represent the “interests” of videogames and hardware producers in the US. They’re the guys behind the ESRB and E3, so they know games. They just released the overall industry report for gaming in general.

So, $37B is a good number, just to calm you down.

In 2017, that number in total revenue is decent. Software sales brought in $29.1B, which is up from $24.6B last year. This includes microtransactions and subscriptions for games. Hardware sales brought in $6.9B which is up from $5.8B last year. The industry as a whole is only getting better as more and more gamers game on.

However, not all data has been released by the ESA. Sales for the Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and PC digital sales weren’t included. This includes software sales from providers like Origin, uPlay, Sony, Battle.net, and EA. The actual number would be greater than what’s reported.

All in all, it’s been a good year for the industry, which means it’s likely been good for gamers.

Microsoft Studios gets a new seasoned veteran takeover

Microsoft Studios gets Matt Booty as the new boss.

Matt Booty is now the CEO of Microsoft Studios.

He wears the new badge of the previous holder- Phile Spencer. Spencer was promoted to Executive VP for Games by Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella.

So, what’s Booty in charge of at MS Studios?

Well, if you’ve played any game developed by Microsoft, he’s in charge of that- pretty much. They’re in charge of developing and publishing first-party titles across platforms like Windows 10, Android, iOS, and Xbox. Some games are also released on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, such as Minecraft. Spencer is still a part of the department, as Booty will report to him and develop a strategy for their studio. Booty overseas all the other departments, such as software, hardware, and online play.

Previously, Booty was just in charge of Mojang, which is the developer behind Minecraft.

Booty had a previous history of working for companies like Midway Games as an engineer and then later CEO of the same company. He joined Microsoft in 2010 and built games for Windows Phone and Xbox Live Arcade.

He’s a seasoned veteran and believes in “great games” and that “content is extremely important.”

Either way, it’s nice to see people shifting around. This brings in new tides for Microsoft Studios and possibly new processes.

Overwatch League rolls out with over 10 million viewers in its premiere

Overwatch League has over 10 million viewers in its first showdown.

Overwatch League has hit over 10 million views in its first week based on a press release from Blizzard. That’s huge.

In case you didn’t know, the popular first-person MOBA shooter has gone pro and is now officially hosting an e-sport tournament featuring the top 12 teams from around the globe. Europe, United States, and Asia are all included and are duking it out in one fan-fueled ladder. It’s the first season of Overwatch League and the numbers are impressive.

The tournament shows every Wednesday through Saturday with three matches each consisting of four maps each. You can only watch it on Twitch as Blizzard made an exclusive deal with them.

On the first day, Overwatch League had an average audience per minute of about 408K viewers. It corrected down to about 280K on average for the whole week. This is the combination of all viewers across Twitch, MLG, ZhanQi TV, Netease CC, and Panda TV. The duel between the Dallas Fuel and Seoul Dynasty was huge. And the Blizzard Arena in LA county in California was also sold out of tickets.

E-sports is becoming more and more popular with new games going pro. If you missed the first matchup you can watch it on demand from their official site. You can also follow the bracket online.

The second matchup is already live. It pits the San Francisco Shock against the Philadelphia Fusion. You can also keep up to date with their official app as well.

Say “hello” to the Nintendo Labo – their newest product (and it’s not a console)

Nintendo's new Toy-Con is aiming for a more interactive experience with games.

Nintendo just announced their newest toy (not console) called the Nintendo Labo.

It’s an interactive experience for kids- as the Japanese giant would like to call it. It’s basically a bunch of cardboard pieces, rubber bands, and strings that can be put together to create a real-world object. It works kind of like a 3D puzzle, but it’s capable of a lot more and has functionality beyond just something you slap together.

You can also use the Nintendo Switch with it and even plug in the Joy-Con controllers as well. They slot right into the Labo’s pieces which allows you assemble a sort of cheap augmented reality (AR) machine. It’s actually pretty cool and I’d totally like to try it out (even if it’s not marketed for adults).

Nintendo has released their teaser trailer for the Labo and some models showcased included a fishing rod, a miniature piano, and even handlebars to a motorcycle. You’re not supposed to build it and run around with it- you can actually use these objects to help you “interact” with games. You can even go the other way around by building toys that are actually powered by the Joy-Con controllers.

So far, two different versions of the Labo have been announced. There’s the Toy-Con (hah) Variety Kit (set 1) and the Toy-Con Robot Kit (set 2). The first set comes with two remote control cars, a house, a piano, a motorbike, and a fishing rod. The second set comes with pieces to build a strap of some sort that you can attach to your back. There’s also a Customization Set which includes stickers, stencils, and tape that lets you pretty-up your creations.

Nintendo Labo will be available for a special event in San Franciso and New York City. You can sign up for it here. The catch is you need to be a kid that’s 6-12 years old (which is probably none of you).

The Labo will retail for $69.99 and will be available for sale 4/20/18. Overall, this is pretty cool and I’m interested to see how this pan out for interacting with games. Get more info here.

Second DLC pack for Assassin’s Creed: Origins announced (and first DLC is out soon!)

ACO fans will get their first DLC soon.

Ubisoft is about to release its first DLC ever for Assassin’s Creed Origins and has added tons of free new content.

The first DLC adds a whole new area, raised the level cap, and brought some new skins. Assassin’s Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones had Bayek destroying the Roman forces occupying a slice of Egypt, and it was up to the player to control Bayek and his team to take them down. You’ll be able to craft another two levels of your gear to get even more powerful. The level cap was also bumped up 5 levels and also scattered new weapons, armor, and mounts throughout Egypt. The DLC will be available on January 23, 2018 for $9.99.

And there will be a free quest added to the game as well that’s a prequel to the entire storyline. It’s called “Incoming Threat” and will be available to all players. Lots to get excited about.

And now they’re on their way to their second DLC pack. The second ones called  Assassin’s Creed Origins: The Curse of the Pharaohs. It adds another big quest that has Bayek traveling to Thebes to take care of a plague in the area. You’ll have to slay mythical beasts as you try to solve the puzzle. On the technical side, it bumps the level cap another 10 levels (so that’s 15 from total with the two DLC packs from the original level cap of 40 for a total of 55 levels). The second DLC will cost $19.99 and released March 6th, 2018.

It focuses a lot more on the mythical side of the game.

And finally, there’s a new mode coming out that focuses on the educational side of the game instead. It’s like a guided tour that has historians talk about Egypt’s history and has no combat. It’s called the Discovery Tour by Assassin’s Creed: Ancient Egypt. This will be free for all owners and rolls out February 20th.

It’s a good month for ACO fans. There’s a ton of both free and paid content rolling out for those who’ve already beat the game. Now you have some awesome additional areas to explore, armor to find, mounts to ride, and quests to complete!

Overwatch’s new Blizzard World map is coming soon to an amusement park near you!

Blizzard World is coming soon to Overwatch.

A new map rolls in Overwatch that’s made just for competitive play.

It’s a map where all players can jump in to. It’s called Blizzard World, which will be available on January 23. It was first announced at BlizzCon 2017 as a special map for all players. It pays homage to the other games that Blizzard is famous for- namely Hearthstone and World and Warcraft.

The map itself features several areas each paying a tribute to the other titles. It’s like wandering through a whole museum dedicated to Blizzard games. That sounds pretty awesome.

There’s a small advertisement of an amusement park ticket showing off an old-timey admittance ticket for the map.

Overwatch League just launched and was a decent success. Blizzard broadcasts it ever Wednesday on Twitch exclusively due to the deal they made.

You can also keep up with their new app for Overwatch League:

As of now, players seem to be in Blizzard paradise with the League, new map, and new skins/sprays. Good job, Blizzard.

Netflix on Nintendo Switch – is it finally happening?

Netflix will be coming to the Switch- but when?

In case you didn’t know, the Nintendo Switch still doesn’t have any Netflix support.

America’s favorite streaming provider is still “exploring the opportunity” to build an app for the Switch. Polygon reports this from a Netflix rep and confirms that they don’t have any confirmable plans at this time. It’s still in the air.

Netflix tweeted a tweet over the weekend that pretty much just restated what the rep announced. Their CS account, @netflixhelps, tweeted that “there are currently no plans for Netflix on Nintendo Switch.” The tweet has been removed since then.

The Switch currently only has support for Netflix’s major competitor- Hulu. Nintendo hasn’t said anything about the integration. Hulu continues to be the only streaming option on the Switch, which was launched without any streaming support.

According to various comments about the case, the Switch will get Netflix soon enough. The question is when. Many customers already have access to Netflix across many platforms, including older Nintendo consoles like the Wii and Wii U. It should only be a matter of time before Switch users can start streaming their favorite shows and movies on Nintendo’s newest console.

Twitch gets exclusive rights to Overwatch League for the next two years

You'll only be able to watch Overwatch League on Twitch...but who cares?

Twitch has locked in the third-party rights to stream Overwatch League exclusively for two years. The news rolled out that Blizzard and Twitch (owned by Amazon) have already decided to bring 20 esports categories to the leading streaming platform for gamers throughout 2018. Of course, this will allow Twitch to throw out some goodies for Twitch … Read more

Overwatch preps for Season 1 League tourney (and gives a few freebies to celebrate)

Overwatch League is here! Get a free skin to support your favorite team!

Overwatch League skins/sprays are now up for grabs! The latest patch is now live and mainly focuses on integration for the Overwatch League. Yup, if you haven’t been following this game, it’s finally got to the point where the first season of competitive Overwatch is a real manifestation. The patch will add a whole new … Read more